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Ask Annie: Looking for true romance

Dear Annie, 

I’m a senior now, set to graduate in May, and I’m starting to feel that I will never, ever, find anybody to be with! I’m totally sick of the club life and I feel like I’m getting too old for that lifestyle. 

The last guy I met at the club was pretty cool, we actually left the club together and got food because we both were starving. He seemed normal. Then he invited me back to his apartment and I was like why not, so I went. But OMG, he was secretly such a freak! I got to his place, one thing lead to another, I was topless on his couch and his pants were off. He asked if I’d be down to do these really weird scenarios to him, I was like uhh no… this isn’t Fifty Shades of Gray here! 

I eventually got fed up and left. I keep meeting guys like this. The ones at bars aren’t much different. I just want to fall in love and I’m sick of waiting for the one. I just always imagined that I would meet my true love in college. 


Looking for True Romance 


Dear Looking for True Romance, 

Gosh darling, I thought that Fifty Shades of Gray was driving the women into these sexual scenarios, but I guess some men want to benefit from it too. There are some straight up closet freaks out there and it doesn’t come out until the clothes are off. But calm down there darling, just because you haven’t met your “true love” yet doesn’t mean he isn’t out there. He is! 

Just because you’re not meeting him now, in college, doesn’t mean you won’t, there is so much to life worth living to college grads like yourself. Don’t be down in the dumps over this. Except you got one point right honey, the club scene can get exhausting and expensive, plus when you think about it suga, the guys are really not as attractive as they seem, it’s just the alcohol. 

But keep your head up. The day and moment will come where you will be swept away by yours truly. However hun, if you do go out and meet other guys in the process of searching for “the one,” stay safe, you don’t want any buns in the oven.



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