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Thomas continues to shine for the Owls

Photo Courtesy | Amanda Thomas has had an incredible career swimming for the Owls.

Robin Glynn – General Assignment Reporter

For Amanda Thomas, swimming is more than a sport and to her coach, her sister, and many others, she is a role model.

Thomas began swimming at six years old with her sister Ashley Thomas, who is a diver.

“It is my therapy,” said Thomas. “I focus on practice.”

Thomas said what she likes about swimming is that the team is small, they are a lot closer and they motivate each other.

According to the Athletic Department, Thomas was named 2012 Division II Swimmer of the Year by the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, 2012 NCAA National Champion (200 and 400 IM), as well as being a 2012 finalist for 2012 Division II Honda Award.

“It means a lot to be recognized,” said Thomas.

Photo Courtesy | southernctowls.comAmanda Thomas has had an incredible career swimming for the Owls.
Photo Courtesy |
Amanda Thomas has had an incredible career swimming for the Owls.

Ashley Thomas, Thomas’ sister, said when she sets goals, she goes and achieves them.

“She always meets goals and doesn’t stop,” said Ashley Thomas.

Quill says Thomas is humble by the accolades she has received and continues to motivate.

Ashley Thomas says that while they are on the same team, there is no competitiveness between them.

“It is good to be there and cheer her on,” said Ashley Thomas.

Thomas said that the men and women swim teams work well together.

“We help and cheer for each other and motivate each other,” said Thomas.

According to the athletic department, in their last meet, the Owls defeated Le Moyne 152-122.

Thomas earned three first-place marks during the women’s swimming and diving season finale.

Thomas finished first in the 200 yard freestyle with 1:58.11, the 100 yard breaststroke with 1:07.30 and the 200 breaststroke with 2:27.38.

In their meet against Marist and Connecticut College, Thomas finished with six first-place marks.

She finished first in the 100 yard backstroke with the time of 59.51, the 400 yard IM with 4:32.19 and was a part of the first-place 200 yard freestyle relay team against Marist.

She took the 100 yard fly with 59.06, the 200 fly with 2:06.97 and the 200 IM with 2:08.86 on Connecticut College.

Time Quill, Women’s Swimming Head Coach, said Thomas has been successful since high school.

“She made great strides out of high school,” said Quill. “She’s in the best shape that she has been in. She should do good over the next six weeks.”

Thomas said this season she had a rocky start, but with the Northeast 10 Championship this week, she is seeing the results that she wants but says she needs to work on her cut off time for the championship.

“She is a great role model for the athletes both inside and outside of the classroom,” Said Quill. “She is a person who talks the talk and walks the walk. Not everyone backs it up. She does what she says.”

Quill said Thomas trains 20 hours a week and she gets the utmost respect from the team.

“One of the ones you miss when their gone,” said Quill. “She is willing to go outside of her comfort level.”

Ashley Thomas said last year Thomas made the national cut and hopefully can do it again to go to Alabama.  She said Thomas can get any award she wants.

“She is the most modest person,” said Ashley Thomas. “She is not one to brag.”

Ashley Thomas said she admires Thomas’s modesty.

“She never takes it for granted. She never stops working and she will meet her goals,” said Ashley Thomas.



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