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Rising comedians make students “LOL” at Lyman

Photo Courtesy | John Haskell and Arthur Meyer choregraphed routines and songs for their act “Two Men Having Fun.”

Mackenzie Hurlbert – General Assignment Reporter

With the cohesiveness and camaraderie of Patrick and Spongebob, comedians John Haskell and Arthur Meyer took the Lyman stage last Wednesday, Jan. 23 for their act titled Two Men Having Fun.

The show was free for all students and featured this act and a special guest, Michael Che.

The two acts provide two very different genres of comedy; the Haskell and Meyer’s show was a mix of choreographed routines, songs and videos while Che’s routine was casual stand-up comedy.

Meyer and Haskell split their show into different skits that featured a variety of topics such as paying the rent, celebrity look-alikes and, of course, butts.

They started the show by wearing six t-shirts and after each skit was finished, they took one off. The butt skit was a popular one with the college students. In a serious tone and with harp music playing in the bathroom, the men started their butt skit by presenting arbitrary butt “facts.”

“The food that most resembles a butt is a cake… that’s shaped like a butt,” said Haskell while trying not to smile and prompting some laughter from the audience. Their act also featured songs, reminiscent of those from Blue’s Clues except this time tainted with an adult twist. Songs titled, “Friend Song,” “F*** You,” “Gift Song,” and “You can see the wallet in my pants” were performed with awkward dance moves and instrumental solos.

For one skit, the two invited two students on stage to read a script out loud.

Both students cracked up and blushed while reading the script that include swearing, a romantic past and plenty of awkward moments.

For the following act, comedian Michael Che casually performed, cracked jokes and riled up some audience members in the front row. “Connecticut has some of the whitest places I’ve ever seen and some of the most hood,” said Che. “There’s a big difference between Greenwich and Bridgeport.”

Che touched upon a lot of relatable topics, such as technology, relationships, racism, gay marriage and voting. “I know nothing about politics and they’re gonna let me pick the president? Isn’t that an important job for like people who know stuff?” Che joked.

He also talked about his nephew, who has a smart phone and is in middle school. No wonder why he can’t concentrate, he’s got everything in his pocket, said Che. “Me? I use to type 8-0-0-8-5 and giggle at that!”

Overall, the night was pretty entertaining and the best part about it was that it came at no cost! Some students appreciated the free ticket and took advantage of the night’s entertainment.

“We don’t have a lot of school work right now, we’re both nursing majors, so we saw the billboard and we were like why not,” said Ashley West and friend Lauren Marvin.

The crowd was mostly students, but considering that the show was free, it was surprising how many empty seats there were. “The turnout seems kind of limited,” said Marvin. “Which looks bad on our part,” said West who suggested better promotion of events. A possible reason for the lacking audience could’ve been because the comedians weren’t well-known.

Junior Michael Mejia also attended the show and had heard of special guest Michael Che before. “My roommate gave me a ticket,” said Mejia who just transferred to Southern this semester and was enjoying his first show at Lyman. “I want to come here more often and see other events the school might have that I didn’t know about before.”

Photo Courtesy | John Haskell and Arthur Meyer choregraphed routines and songs for their act “Two Men Having Fun.”
Photo Courtesy |
John Haskell and Arthur Meyer choregraphed routines and songs for their act “Two Men Having Fun.”

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