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Nick Lebron leading the way for Track and Field

Photo Courtesy | All-American and All-Region, junior Captain Nick Lebron has had a stellar career.

Jennifer Hoffer – Sports Writer

For someone who started track as a recreational sport in their junior year of high school, Nick Lebron has made quite a name for himself as a captain of the track and field team here at Southern.

“I started high jumping for fun,” Lebron said. “My coach saw me and started working with me on it. I ended up making the state team that year jumping 5’10.”

Lebron said he decided to return for his senior year at Newington High School. And while participating in other events he mainly stuck with his forte, the high jump.

He ended up breaking a school record in the high jump, jumping at a height of 6’6”; a record that he still holds today.

Lebron continued to excel at the sport, he said, and decided to take it to the college level and see where he could go with it.

“They have a great program here at Southern,” Lebron said. “I was contacted about the program and I got really interested in it. I came to visit here and I loved it. It just seemed like the perfect fit.”

While Lebron has won a national title in the heptathlon during his sophomore year, he has been named All-American and All-Region player, he said he is aware of the responsibility upon him being a leader of this team.

“The biggest task I’ve had to take on this year as junior captain is that because we are a younger team I just have to make sure everyone is focused, motivated and dedicated to doing what they have to do,” Lebron said.

Lebron said he still has time to help in any way he can with the younger players even though he dedicates about four hours each day to the track.

“I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help them reach their goals,” Lebron said. “Whether it be on the track, on their specific events, in the weight room, or even in the classroom. We’re a young team so they need guidance.”

Lebron’s hard work ethic and dedication to the track is what he said gets him better every day.

Photo Courtesy | southernctowls.comAll-American and All-Region, junior Captain Nick Lebron has had a stellar career.
Photo Courtesy |
All-American and All-Region, junior Captain Nick Lebron has had a stellar career.

“I really try to document and pay attention to things I need to work on,” Lebron said. “I’m not trying to be complacent. I just have to stay on my toes, stay focused and keep working hard so that others can follow and do the same.”

Logan Sharpe, senior, and also a captain, said Lebron adds excitement to the team and makes it competitive but enjoyable at the same time.

“He looks at track as more of a fun type atmosphere rather than all serious the entire time,” Sharpe said. “And that’s an important quality to have on a team like this.”

Sharpe said the team as a whole is more focused on increasing the intensity but also keeping everybody healthy at the same time.

The coaches are looked up to as father figures for the athletes, Sharpe said.

“The team is pretty much a big family,” Sharpe said. “We share each others experiences both on and off the track which is important for building a strong team.”

Chris Babcock, also a senior, said the leadership of Lebron is what carries the team and keeps them focused.

“Nick’s a good influence,” Babcock said. “He takes on a strong role of keeping the team motivated and on task.”

For indoor the team’s goal is to win the conference title and Sharpe said that their main goal for outdoor is to also win nationals as a whole.

Lebron said he looks to continue his success, aiming to repeat as indoor national champion and also wants to go into nationals with a New England win under his belt.

“I’ll just take it from there and give it my best effort just as I do every year,” Lebron said.

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