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Gymnastics wins three straight meets

Photo Courtesy | Gymnastics has finished in first place in each of their three meets this season.

Aaron Johnson – Special to the Southern News

The Southern Connecticut State University gymnastics team came from behind to win a tri-meet against Ithaca and Yale this past Sunday afternoon at Moore Fieldhouse. Freshman Nicole Pruchnik led the way for the Owls, finishing first in floor exercises and on vault.

“I did it (came in first) in the first meet and I did it in the second meet so it felt really great. It makes me feel like my hard work is paying off,” said Pruchnik.

Pruchnik was humble in her evaluation of her performance, knowing that she still has room to grow as an athlete.

“I think that there’s always room for improvement,” said Pruchnik. “I feel like I had a good time and that’s all that really counts.”

The Owls improved to 4-0 on the season with the win. Head coach Jerry Nelson believes the win will continue to boost the team’s momentum going forward.

Photo Courtesy | southernctowls.comGymnastics has finished in first place in each of their three meets this season.
Photo Courtesy |
Gymnastics has finished in first place in each of their three meets this season.

“That was a good win for us. I mean anytime we can go against a Division-I university and walk away with the win that’s a great thing for the team,” said Nelson.

Junior Gabi Hude also had a strong performance for the Owls, placing fifth on bars, which was tied for team best.

“I hit my bar set and I made my floor set, so I did what I had to do. Of course there’s always room for improvement, but I did my job as a competitor,” said Hude.

Entering the final event, the floor exercises, the Owls were still trailing. But Nelson knew that this was his team’s best event, and they did not disappoint.

“I knew we were going to our strongest event, so for them to be able to put that together (was great). We went six for six on routines and we posted a tremendous score which vaulted us to the top,” said Nelson.

The floor exercises have been the “bread-and-butter” for the gymnastics team all season, which was evident in Pruchnik’s first place finish. Nelson believes that has been the main contributor to the hot start to the season.

“The strongest (event) for us this year has been the floor exercises,” said Nelson.

Despite the stellar start to the season, Nelson believes his team still has room for improvement.

“We need to be more consistent on all four events,” said Nelson.

Hude agreed with her coach on improving consistency when addressing her performance.

“Definitely (my) consistency,” said Hude. “It’s really a numbers game you got to put in all the numbers you can. Because you only get one shot when you’re competing. And consistent routines and practice is the best way to prepare for the meet.”

The team’s confidence is continually growing after each win. Nelson is seeing that this team is also starting to believe in its potential for success this season.

“This team is very talented. This team can go all the way to the National Championship, I think they’re starting to realize that and I have all the faith in the world that they‘ll put that together,” said Nelson.

The faith and trust that Nelson entrusts in his team, as well as their continued focus for the remainder of the season may very well lead this team to a national championship.

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