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Ask Annie: Confused girl

Dear Annie,

 I usually see my boyfriend a few times a week and when I do seem him he never seems to want to do anything. Sometimes I just want to relieve stress, have some drinks and have some good sex. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? So when I asked my boyfriend if he was in the mood the other night, he looked at me and said, “ehh.” I flipped, naturally. 

What was that supposed to mean? Ugh, he then said he saw some “really good steamy porn,” and got himself off just before I came over! Should I be offended? Do I not please him enough that he has to find other means?

I asked him this, and then he unleashed to me that he watches porn almost every day. Is it me?! Do I have to do anything different in the bedroom? Am I not doing enough to please him that he has to find it somewhere else? HELP! 


Confused girl

Dear Confused Girl,

First of all dear, it is normal for guys (and girls, sometimes) to watch porn. I can understand where it can get annoying that he’ll get off before he sees you. If this becomes a recurring problem, then maybe try suggesting that you want to watch it with him and then mimic what you see on the television screen. Come on, what guy wouldn’t be down for doing something like that?!

If that still doesn’t seem to float his boat, then explain to him that you have needs to be sexually satisfied as well. You’re right, sometimes that is all you need after a stressful day of work and school. But letting him know that you are interested in watching porn with him might be the spark that will get you more of what you want. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with you because this is a problem in many relationships.

But please darling, remember if you do get into the heat, make sure to cover his meat!



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