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Art education major hopes to have a creative impact on future students

Rachel Forst – Special to the Southern News –

Alexandra Marx, a 19 year-old sophomore art education major at Southern Connecticut State University speaks of how she views art and expression.

“To express yourself you don’t have to be on the same level and everyone can feel good about what they’re doing,” said Marx.

Her art teacher from high school inspired her to express herself artistically along with different artists of her liking, she said.

She taught her to love the expression of art.

“I enjoy looking at Klimt’s work that is who I did my senior final painting on in high school.”

Marx said she is still learning art of all forms with her strengths being observational/landscapes, painting with watercolors; with observational drawing being her weakness.

Friend and classmate Emily Everett, sophomore Stratford native, said Marx’s strength is being able to depict in a drawing what she sees.

The two friends said they try to encourage each other and tend to share ideas and to be able to critique their work.

Along with friends, her family as well,,appreciates and likes everything she does, Marx said.

They encourage her to keep moving forward with her art, hoping she will find a job opportunity when the time comes after she graduates.

Besides art, Marx said to keep her creative juices flowing she also enjoys writing as a form of expression.

“I want to keep on taking creative writing courses,” she said. “I want to also keep practicing and learning new techniques from my professors and friends.”

Expanding and developing her artistic skills is what motivates her to keep exploring her creative capabilities, she said.

Her desire to become an art teacher, Marx said, and to teach her students one day what she learned throughout high school and college serves as a form of motivation also.

“Working with students can also be a great feeling like bringing out their creative side,” Marx said.


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