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The world of celebrity breakups and makeups

Photo Courtesy | Taylor Swift with her recent break-up, Harry Styles.

Robin Glynn – General Assignment Reporter

When you think of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, what comes to mind: their professional careers or their private lives? What about Hugh Jackman or Reese Witherspoon?

Today, our society is celebrity driven. People want to know about celebrities’ private lives, who’s dating who, what celebrities have given birth, when those baby pictures will be published and what celebrity had just been arrested.

Today, of all the celebrity couples, I have come to notice that people are caring more about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s unborn baby, already  nicknamed baby Kimye.

I will be the first to admit that I listen to and read celebrity gossip from TMZ, Perez Hilton and E! News. But I wonder, is it important to know if a celebrity is on vacation in Mexico? So Kim is pregnant. Congratulations. Taylor broke up with her recent boyfriend. I’m sorry, it must be a heartbreak.

Recently, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction broke up. Does this mean that we can expect to hear songs about Styles now, Taylor? It seems likely since Swift tweeted that she was back in the studio. For what seems like the longest time, all the public has heard about is Taylor Swift and a new boyfriend or an old boyfriend. I guess it’s only a guessing game whenever she releases a new song to tell who it might be about.

With her release of her latest album Red last year, besides listening to her record, people wanted to guess who the songs are about. I think her personal life overshadows her music; even though her music is about her failed relationships. As soon as she and her boyfriend break up, she is rumored to be with someone new within a week. When she and Connor Kennedy broke up, people replied that they couldn’t wait to hear the song about him.

The biggest celebrity that people have been hearing about within the past few years is Lindsay Lohan. While she has made and appeared in movies during this time, including what people were saying was her comeback role in Lifetime’s Liz and Dick, people mainly know her for her multiple arrests, court appearances, jail sentences and probation violations; not to mention the family drama. Her personal life has overshadowed her career so much that people have said she should just go away. Few people care about her and want to see her get better and succeed.

Last week, the biggest story was Lance Armstrong sitting with Oprah Winfrey and admitting  that he had used performance enhancing drugs for most of his cycling career; including when he won seven Tour de France wins. He told Oprah that he didn’t feel it was wrong or felt bad about doing what he was doing.

People care about this story because he was seen as an icon for beating cancer and winning seven Tour de France titles, even though people had questioned if he used anything during his career. He was a sports hero who brought himself down.

For these celebrities, they have done something that has made people talk about them. People care for a reason. As long as there is drama in celebrity’s lives, people will continue to be infatuated and talk about them.


Photo Courtesy | usmagazine.comTaylor Swift with her recent break-up, Harry Styles.
Photo Courtesy |
Taylor Swift with her recent break-up, Harry Styles.

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