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Meet Southern student, Elisia Roberge

Savannah MulOpinions Editor

Elisia Roberge, 22, junior and English education major, said since fifth grade she knew teaching was the major and career path that she wanted to explore.

“I lost my father when I was in fifth grade,” Roberge said. “But it was my old fourth grade teacher that was really there for me throughout everything.”

Roberge said she was inspired at such a young age and is still thankful to this day having that teacher in her life. Since then, she said she knew she wanted to do the same for someone one day and teaching was the way to that path.

“Specifically high school education is what I’m concentrating on,” Roberge said. “I feel that you can connect to high school students on a more deeper and intellectual level then elementary.”

Roberge also wanted to connect her love and passion for writing and that’s why she said, “I wanted to gear more into English education because I do love to write and hope to teach it one day.”

Roberge has been in the school of teaching since the end of her sophomore year. She said the best part about being in the program is the people.

“To share our experiences with each other is really cool. Especially when last semester my class was student teaching,” Roberge said, “and we were able to share our lessons plans.”

In sharing the lessons plans, she said she was able to see other ways of what worked and what didn’t based on talking to other students and professors.

Roberge said she has been satisfied being in the school of teaching and wouldn’t have wanted to be in any other program. On top of completing her major in English education, she is studying psychology as her minor to further her education.

As a way to manage her stress levels, she said, “I work out. I try to push myself academically and physically.”

“The future is what inspires me the most,” Roberge said. “I try to live in the moment and make the most out of what’s given to me.”

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