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Ask Annie: Are breaks worth it?

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Dear Annie, 

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now. I’ve been meeting some fine girls lately and am thinking I might want to take a break in order to explore all my options. But I don’t want to lose my girlfriend. Would it be unfair of me to ask for a break, or should I just end it now? Or should I just tough it out? I am a little young to be in a serious relationship and maybe I should end my college experience having fun. But I do love her, but maybe it’s not a enough. 

When we go out it’s such a routine now: get drinks, dinner, go back to my apartment, and watch a movie. It’s getting boring and I want to experience more things. Isn’t this the perfect time to do that? There are a lot more people to meet than the ones I’m used to seeing in my hometown. A break would be ideal, but I don’t want to hurt her. Advice?

Sincerely, Are breaks worth it?

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Dear, Are breaks worth it?

All right honey. First babe, ask yourself how much do you  ACTUALLY love your girlfriend and if she would be okay with going on a break. But don’t expect her to be waiting around for you when you’re shaking the sheets with other girls. When deciding to go on a break or just ending the relationship, you have to take into account your own happiness. If you don’t see anything with this girl, then maybe you should explore other options. It won’t be fair to stay in a relationship if you aren’t 100 percent in.

It’s a hard decision honey and I say, if you’re not happy and feeling young and adventurous for other options, then maybe it’s time to move on. Relationships can get into routines and that’s up to you to break that. If you decide to stay with her, suggest other options at night besides a movie and dinner. Maybe try role playing, put a different kind of spin in the bedroom. Who knows darling, maybe that’s all your relationship needs to spark the flame again.

But as always, cover it with a bag, or have a baby with a nag. 



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