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Do-it-yourself: Guilt-free and easy to make meal

Photo Courtesy | Katherine Martinelli The finished product of the taco bowl salad.

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

Are you currently attempting a New Year, New You challenge? Many of us are cranking out hours at the gym and eating healthier in order to keep up that New Year’s resolution and to achieve that desired image. While exercise may be tolerable if turned into a fun class workout like Zumba or Kickboxing, dieting is a hard thing to manage when your mind says “No!” and your taste buds scream “Yes!” 

With such temptation, it’s hard to stick to the resolution without drifting off here and there. The key to successful dieting is enjoying the healthy things you eat, and there are many ways to make healthy food especially tasty. Here’s a meal you can whip up quickly, actually enjoy eating, and not feel guilty about!

Photo Courtesy | emilybites.comStep one in creating tortilla salad bowls.
Photo Courtesy |
Step one in creating tortilla salad bowls.
 - Whole wheat tortillas
 - Grilled chicken breast
 - Romaine lettuce
 - Tomatoes
 - Carrots
 - Kidney beans
 - Hot sauce or taco sauce
 - Greek yogurt
 - Salsa

1) First, in order to create your tortilla bowl, use a muffin pan flipped upside down and nestle each tortilla in a bowl shape between the upside down muffin molds. Sprinkle them with a little water and then bake them in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

2) Now that you have your bowl, made out of a whole wheat tortilla, all you have to do is fill them with the healthy goodies you’ve prepared.

3) First, add a base salad of chopped romaine lettuce. Romaine is much healthier for you than iceberg lettuce because of its high nutritional value, so if you have the choice, choose romaine.

4) Then cube some grilled chicken breast and shake it in a plastic bag with a tablespoon or two of taco sauce or hot sauce, and add that to the salad.

5) Add some diced tomatoes on top, shredded carrots and kidney beans for extra protein.

6) Lastly, if you like sour cream on your taco salads, substitute a dollop of Greek yogurt for sour cream. Greek yogurt has a similar consistency to sour cream and basically the same taste. If you’d like, have a little salsa on the side! Just remember moderation is key.

I hope this recipe for a tasty and healthy taco salad is a successful addition to your dieting this year. Keep up the good work, maintain that will power, and look forward your results!

Photo Courtesy | Katherine MartinelliThe finished product of the taco bowl salad.
Photo Courtesy | Katherine Martinelli
The finished product of the taco bowl salad.

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