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Tragedies bring conspiracies

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Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14 brought an overwhelming response of sadness and tragedy into the lives of many people. In response to this tragedy, the National Rifle Association and Congress have been fighting in trying to redefine gun control; along with the never-ending arguments about how many rights the American people really hold within the second amendment.

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Yet, despite all the arguments and unsolved problems, some American people are turning to YouTube to express their anger or questions about what Sandy Hook really stood for.

Visiting YouTube and typing in Sandy Hook or Newtown conspiracy hoax, I was surprised to see that many videos were found; and of those searches, I found that many people truly believe this unfortunate event was an undercover government action.

One video in particular, posted by Rick Igou from Tennessee, titled “Newtown Connecticut Elementary School Shooting a NWO Conspiracy,” was claiming the New World Order theory, which refers to a totalitarian government. Igou believes that the government is picking, controlling and drugging young men’s minds to make them commit such tragedies. He bases his theory on the Aurora shooting in Colorado, Virginia Tech and Columbine. He said all the men are in their young 20s and dressed in camouflage or a combat like wardrobe and that this shooting was a way for the government to control weapons, which will soon eliminate the second amendment.

However, given all the conspiracy and hoax theories of the government planning this tragedy, drugging young men’s minds in efforts to put a ban or limit control on the second amendment seems like a stretch. The U.S. government isn’t smart enough.

Rather than worrying about whether Newtown was a conspiracy into achieving a new world order, time and help should be given to the health problems of the emotionally disturbed people who commit these terrible crimes. Adam Lanza went into that school with the intent to hurt people, but why? Because he was mad at his mother, who wasn’t even at Sandy Hook that day. Oh, that’s great to have kids thinking, “Oh he was mad at his mother, which is why it resulted in a killing rampage.”

What the government needs to do is step up and put funding into helping; like the research and counseling for emotionally and deeply disturbed individuals. Go ahead and say the government is going down and are controlling minds to commit these crimes. That they are willingly forcing sadness into many American lives in the effort to get a totalitarian rule, which then the American people will fold under the government and do as they say. For Igou, if the government said to the people, turn in all guns, those people will do so on command.

But I say otherwise. Growing up with an pro America father, who only buys Ford automobiles and mows the grass with his John Deere tractor, I know there has to be more people like him. Where people won’t fold under government pressure and command, that those won’t be so willing to sign their life to another power that isn’t their own.

To say these shootings that occurred within the last five years were set-up conspiracies is wrong. This is life. Unfortunate events—like this—happen.

Our country will not become of totalitarian rule, despite conspiracy theories those choose to believe in. Our nation has come too far in development and advancement to ever result to those terms.

Every part of our Constitution is our rights. The founding fathers could have never predicted all the advancements America has made since then.

For every ill person with a gun, we still need a good person to stop them. People kill people; they don’t need a gun to do that. If the second amendment is redefined or taken away from the people, those ill-tempered people will still find a way.


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