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Track is not an individual sport

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Robin GlynnGeneral Assignment Reporter

While some might think that track is an individual sport, Jasmine Bien-Aime says it is the complete opposite.

“It is not an individual sport, even though there are individual events,” said Bien-Aime.

Bien-Aime started her track career in her junior year of high school at Cambridge Rindge and Latin after her twin sister, who had been running for a year prior to Bien-Aime starting, convinced her to give track a chance. Bien-Aime said she is following in her sisters footsteps.

“I enjoy running and the competition,” said Bien-Aime, who says she is a hard runner.

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Bien-Aime attended and graduated from Roxbury Community College in Boston, Mass., where she continued her track career. Bien-Aime transferred to Southern in the fall as a Communications major. Bien-Aime was named National Junior College Association of America All-American in the 100 and 200 meters. This past December, Bien-Aime was named Northeast-10 Conference Track Rookie of the Week for her performance against Yale.

“I am honored,” said Bien-Aime, whose goal is to be a human resource manager. “I wasn’t aware of the honor. I found out on Facebook. It was our season. I knew I did well.”

Bien-Aime said it felt good that everyone acknowledged her achievement. She said she found out about being Rookie of the Week through Facebook and people saying congratulations. At the meet, Bien-Aime finished second with 7.74 seconds in the 60 meter dash, and 25.06 seconds in the 200 meter dash. Both times were NCAA provisional marks for the NCAA Championships. Bien-Aime also is a sprinter.

“She is a phenomenal athlete,” said Meghan Nicolleta, Bien-Aime’s teammate. “She has more to offer. She is a great addition.”

Nicolleta said that the acknowledgement showed that Bien-Aime’s hard work paid off. Stoll said that Bien-Aime qualified, placing 10th in the 200 meter dash and 16th in the 60 meter dash.

“It is a positive thing,” said Nicolleta. “We are a small team and she is a good athlete. We’ve had a good season independently and as a team.”

Nicolleta said that Bien-Aime is a great addition to the team and that she fits in with everyone.

“She brings in a positive energy and motivation,” said Nicolleta. “She is a sweet person to be around. She is always in a good mood. She is fun to watch competing.”

Bien-Aime said she is a kind and polite person and is friendly with others and goes out of her way to help those in need.

Bien-Aime is a record holder. She said she broke the 100 meter and 200 meter records.

“I foresee her going to nationals, depending on the ranking,” said Melissa Stoll, Head Women’s Track and Field Coach. “She sets an example.”

Stoll says that while the team is small, they are working towards being better. As for Bien-Aime, Stoll says that her work has paid off because Bien-Aime qualified for the 200 meter dash and 60 meter dash.

Bien-Aime said that she is working and running in the 400 meter and the 4×400 meter, but she is most confident in the 200 meter and 60 meter events.

“I am working towards All-American,” said Bien-Aime. “My goal is to medal for Nationals.”

Before transferring to Southern, Bien-Aime’s Season Records 2012 at Roxbury Community College include, 7.81 for the 60 Meter Dash, 25.47 for the 200 Meters and 60.35 for the 400 Meters.

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