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Freshman Williams reflects on early season successes

Jennifer Hoffer – Sports Writer

Fresh out of high school, Owls sophomore forward Stefon Williams, has already made a name for himself on the court and he is only just halfway through his freshman year at Southern.

Williams isn’t shy from being in the spotlight. During his time at Kent School in Connecticut, he was senior captain, averaged 18 points per game as a senior, was named Two-Time All-NEPSAC, and was part of a championship team his sophomore year.

Williams has continued his success here at Southern as he has averaged 24 points per game helping his team reach a record of 8-4.

Choosing Southern was a simple task for him, Williams said. The number one factor was that he felt comfortable with the coaching staff.

“When I came to tour here, I could really see myself here for the next four years,” Williams said.

He said he has made a lot of friends and is really enjoying the basketball season.

“It’s been a great experience for me so far, being away from home and all,” Williams said.

As for the transition from high school to college, the biggest challenge, Williams said, has been being consistent with his study habits and obviously adjusting to a more competitive game on the floor.

“I’ve definitely found that I’ve had to become more athletic and stronger,” Williams said.

Williams said coming onto to the team as a freshman starter was a bit of a challenge.

“I’ve definitely become more comfortable with my teammates and have been improving my shot and rebounding skills as the season progresses,” Williams said.

As far as the team’s key to success this season, Williams said it’s because the players are all after the same goal: to win the championship.

“We all get along on and off the court,” Williams said. “We all are just really on the same pace and have great chemistry.”

Head Coach Michael Donnelly, is pleased with the team’s success so far this season.

“We have a great group of guys,” Donnelly said. “They’re focused, they take their schooling seriously, and are working to build a winning program.”

Donnelly also said that the talented group of seniors has been extremely helpful with senior leadership.

Having a 6’7” forward like Williams doesn’t hurt the team either. “was always on our radar,” Donnelly said. “We tracked his progress at prep school and saw that his offensive and defensive skills were a perfect fit and would have a real good place in the league.”

Donnelly emphasized that they needed size and had a great wingspan.

“He was very versatile,” Donnelly said. “He could guard on the wing, matchup with other players on the floor, and make shots from the perimeter.”

One thing Williams does want to improve in his game is just doing the little things that will make him a better all-around player.

“I need to be more vocal, more aggressive and be able to move without the ball better,” Williams said.

Senior forward, Trevon Hamlet, who plays alongside Williams, is impressed from what he has seen from him so early in his career.

“He has really been producing a lot lately,” Hamlet said. “I give him tips and hints because he can do the same thing that I do.”

The Owls continue their hot role as they have won their last two games in a row. They look to continue that winning streak as they hit the road to take on the University of Massachusetts Lowell on Saturday.

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