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Fairy tale endings aren’t just in movies

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

There are two kinds of guys out there: Romantic and non-romantic. This is not rocket science. There is always someone that stands out in the crowd and usually for girls, it’s easy to tell the difference between those romantic and well, those less than romantic.

I covered an event at an elementary school during my internship one morning where second grade students were running around trying to get to all the art activities offered in the gymnasium. I was walking behind a little boy, about to go down the stairs and he turned to me and said, “Ladies first.” My heart melted. If a seven-year-old boy can act kind, why can’t a 21-year-old “man?”

Many of my friends tell me that when they meet a guy, they get drinks, have fun and that he’s sweet, but there is no romantic bone in his body. Sweet and romantic are two different words with different meanings. Yet, guys might interpret the two words to mean the same thing.

Almost everyone is capable of being sweet and many of those people are. But to be romantic in a relationship is something that requires more thought and care than just showing up to a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s event that might be important to him or her.

In all the advancements our country has made since the medieval times, it’s safe to say those romantic legends are lost. After all, the definition of romance simply says, “a medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, or the supernatural,” as reported from Merriam-Webster.

Wait a second, romance isn’t of the supernatural, it has to exist. All those romantic fairytales we’ve watched when we were younger ingrained stories of love in our minds that it seems that they’ll never come for the “average non-prince and non-princess” like the people today. Look at the movie “The Princess Bride,” a truly romantic, comedy that everyone should see. It’s full of romance, magic, outlandish characters and humor.

It’s movies like this that make romance seem unreachable to the average person because when will love come? When will someone be so willing to do absolutely anything for the love of his or her life? Replying to statements with, “As you wish,” (Do yourself a favor and watch “The Princess Bride” to understand what I’m talking about). These movies make it seem so unreachable because when was the last time you heard anyone say that to you?

Maybe you have, and if so, keep them. I’m a person who lives in the past however dangerous that might sound, and dwelling in the past doesn’t help in finding the actual romance in the world.

For others and myself who live in the past more frequently than they should, get out. Dreaming about a romance, like in “The Princess Bride” or “The Notebook,” might not get us anywhere or put us ahead. We’ll be too busy focusing on “those dreams,” that we might not notice any romantic gestures being thrown in our direction. Plus, hanging onto those romantic, chick flick comedies isn’t healthy either. If you keep comparing your life to the lives of those in the movies, you won’t get anywhere.

Yet, I still believe true legendary romance still exists. Chivalry is still alive too; it just takes a little time to find it. Which is the unfortunate part. But it’s still out there somewhere and finding it is the hard part.


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