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Student uses spoken word as an outlet

Photo Courtesy of Yolangely Collado (second from the left), is a member of F.L.O.W., a spoken word group on campus.

Jourdan Duncan – Staff Writer

Freshman social work major Yolangely Collado has made her mark on campus only within her third semester as one of Southern’s newly infamous poets. During the fall 2011 club fair on campus, Collado represented an organization called F.L.O.W. (Fearless Lovers of Word). As the academic quad was filled with hundreds of students, food, and promotion pamphlets; there was a microphone found near the DJ booth where music was playing. When Collado spontaneously walked up to the booth with bravery, she grabbed the microphone and introduced herself as ‘Yoyo’ followed by a poem.

“Poetry is the tool I use to feel better and one day change the world,” Collado said.

A friend and active member of  F.L.O.W., Ivy Patrick described Collado as “determined because she always goes for what she wants and never have I seen her give up. She strives for her goals and won’t stop until she reaches them.”

The young student started writing song lyrics seven years ago and indulged in performing around four years ago while discovering poetry for the first time. Collado, being a lover of music, started embracing the arts through interpretive dance in seventh grade and won a chance to read her poem in front of about 500 people while her fellow dancers performed to it. Ever since then, she has been reaching out to other students through her poetry.

Photo Courtesy of  southernct.eduYolangely Collado (second from the left), is a member of F.L.O.W., a spoken word group on campus.
Photo Courtesy of
Yolangely Collado (second from the left), is a member of F.L.O.W., a spoken word group on campus.

“I take the harder things people go through and try to write something they’d either relate to or learn from,” Collado said.

Prior to becoming the president of F.L.O.W., Collado has performed in multiple events on campus, such as, Take Back the Night, Club Fair, Day of Peace, Tru Model Troop, Poetry competition, and the SCSU Talent Show. Not only has she offered to participate in many of these events, but she was asked to take part in them as well. Collado was recognized as “best poet” in the SCSU talent show last year, which also added to her recognition as a strong spoken poet.

Carisa Sanchez, senior psychology major, met Collado through two organizations they both took part in. “I value her respect and understanding regardless of what is going on she is always there to listen and her talent shows that she understands,” Sanchez said.

The passion for poetry led Collado to F.L.O.W, where she offered to fulfill the position as secretary and after the organization was in effect for 1 academic year she passed onto being president. Her vision for the organization involves a sense of open mindedness to all forms of poetry and arts as long as it includes expression.

“Students should join flow because writing is a tool in which they vent with. The club is full of students who want to share what they write or what they’ve experienced, as well as those who just enjoy listening, Collado said. “We welcome any and everyone, including but definitely no limited to poets, rappers, and singers.”

How does such a young student stay inspired? In between the stress of classes and the average college student, Collado uses art to escape and release. In addition, drawing is a strong hobby of the young poet’s also.

As she responds with great confidence, “Experiences and people keep me inspired. I’ll be learning from my experiences even at the age of 89 if I live that long, and writing when I go through certain experiences is my way of keeping a diary of my life,” Collado said. “Additionally, I absolutely love meeting new people and just listening to what they have to say.”

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