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Music Review: Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire

Alicia Keys

“Girl on Fire”


 “Girl on Fire” is Alicia Keys’ fifth studio album. I was anxious to hear this album since its been three years since she’s released an album. In those three years she became a wife and a mother, and I’m sure those new aspects of her life were sure to impact her as an artist. It’s undeniable that Alicia has a beautiful voice and that anything she sings will be like heaven to our ears. 

1. “De Novo Adagio”(Intro)– I am a huge fan of Alicia’s piano playing and that’s how she started off her album. A simple piano piece with no singing. I loved it.

2. “Brand New Me”– This song is very reflective of Alicia Keys and how she has evolved since becoming a wife and a mother. She speaks to her audience about her growth and the new her.

3. “When It’s All Over”– I had to listen to this song a few times because at first listen I had mixed emotions about it. Her son Egypt also makes an appearance on the end of the record which clearly shows her new “Mommy” side.

4. “Listen To Your Heart”– I had to come back to this song to even write a review. I do like the song; it has a nice beat and of course her voice just sets the record off. This is one of the ones that I’ll probably have on repeat.

5. “New Day”– This was the first single off the album and when I heard it, I instantly fell in love with it. The song just puts me in a good mood with its up-beat tempo and positive message. I remember her saying in an interview that her son was the inspiration behind this song.

6. “Girl On Fire”(Inferno Version) feat. Nicki Minaj– I like the message behind this song and the encouragement of empowered women, but I don’t like anything else about the song. I don’t like Nicki Minaj’s feature at all. I just can’t get into this song at all.

7. “Fire We Make” feat. Maxwell– I instantly loved this song. I love duets and who’s better to do a  duet with than Alicia and Maxwell. The song is very sultry and seductive and one of the best collaborations I’ve heard recently.

8. “Tears Always Win”– The title of the song initially caught my attention. Alicia sings about what purpose material objects serve but how they can never replace the purpose of human being when it comes to a relationship and companionship. After I listened to this song a few times, it actually grew on me.

9. “Not Even The King”– I love the message behind this song. Alicia says that the richest people in the world are those with love, not those with money. She sings that those with millions are some of the poorest people around. The greatest wealth is the abundance of love and happiness.

10. “That’s When I Knew” – Anyone that’s heard this song can suggest that this song is about her husband, producer Swizz Beats. It’s a love song that talks about when she knew she fell in love.

11. “Limitedless”– This song has an island vibe to it. It makes me want to dance and wind my hips. This one is probably my favorite song off the album thus far. I definitely had this on repeat. This beat and island vibe of this song also reminds me of the song “My Ghetto Story” she did with Baby Cham.

12. “One Thing”– I’m not too sure how to feel about this song. Her voice is beautiful in it but it’s something about the song that just isn’t grabbing and keeping attention. Maybe I have to give this one a few more listens.

13. “101”– This song is almost seven minutes long. Halfway through it transitions to an outro. The music picks up and kicks in and then Alicia gets really spiritual on us singing out “Hallelujah.”

3.5 out of 5 owls


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