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This season’s holiday shopping guide is here

Robin Glynn – General Assignment Reporter

Are you shopping for a college student? Do you want to give someone an idea for a gift for you? Well there are some ideal gifts for you and other college students, so gifts that you might like are:

Apple products: an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Any of these technologies can make great gifts for a college student. Many of the Apple products can be used for academic purposes. Maybe get Apple’s newest product, the iPod mini, and the new iPod touch which has new features such as a colored back, LED flash, and face detection. Other Apple products include earlier versions of the iPod Touch, the new iPod Nano, and earlier versions of the iPad.

DVDs: Many of us are too busy studying or working to keep up with new movies or our favorite TV shows, so giving a DVD is a good way to help some catch up! You can have a “Twilight” or “How I Met You Mother” marathon before the new season starts.

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Gift Cards: I never know what I want for Christmas, but one of the best gifts to receive can be a gift card to The Gap, Target, Best Buy or Walmart, for example. I might not know what I want, but at least I have a gift card to use up and the best thing is that I can use it later on, on something I want to buy. If you’re not sure what gift card the person might like, an American Express gift card can be used anywhere.

Cash: The college student’s best friend. Cash, like gift cards, is the easiest present to give someone-especially if you don’t know what to get them. With cash, the recipient can purchase what they want, where they want.

Clothes: You can find good deals at many of your or your friends’ favorite stores. As much of a laugh as getting socks can be, that could be an essential present to get because I know I am always losing socks in the dryer. The clearance section is a good place to shop; I recently found two cardigans for six dollars each on clearance. If you are going to shop for clothing, check to see what type of sale the store is having. I recently purchased clothing at Old Navy and paid nothing between their 30 percent off sale and reward coupons I received for earning points on previous purchases I made.

Event Tickets: Does the person you are shopping for want to see Jason Aldean, Coldplay, or Dave Matthews Band? Tickets can be a great gift to give! I had gotten tickets to see New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys for Christmas and had a good time when the show came to town.

Pictures and Picture Frames: Do you always take pictures of you and your friends at the club, dinner or at parties? Giving those pictures in picture frames is another good gift to give. There is no better gift than to give the gift of memories.

Whether you use one of these gift ideas or you come up with your own, the person receiving your gift will appreciate it because you thought of it. Do your research and know when and where to shop so you can get the best deals and get more for your money.

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