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Getting help spiritually

Ali Iacono – Staff Writer

A medium is more than a shirt size; it’s also a person—a gifted person at that. I know a lot of people will disagree with that statement, but I’m standing by it. After losing my mother and friend within a few months, I was desperate for help. I wanted to know they were all right. I wanted to know that I could still connect with them even though they are no longer on this Earth. Trying to mentally convince myself that they’re in a better place wasn’t satisfying enough for me; I needed something more.

A friend recommended that I see a medium known by the name of Vanessa Lynn Squeglia at the Nutmeg Healing Center in West Haven. I was extremely skeptical at first. I had already been exposed to the fact that Santa Claus wasn’t real. How was I supposed to believe that a human being could have the ability to communicate with the deceased? Nevertheless, I went for it.

I scheduled an hour reading session with Vanessa. The days leading up to my reading, I found myself becoming more and more nervous. I was afraid of what she would say. Was I making my mom proud? Were my friend’s last moments on this Earth painful? Can they see me while I’m in the shower? Nonetheless, I toughened up and finally made it to my appointment that day.

When I pulled up to Vanessa’s location, I immediately realized the session was being held at her house. With my boyfriend as my bodyguard, we entered the home. My vision was immediately overwhelmed with statues and images of angels. Once my boyfriend realized this reading was legitimate and I wasn’t about to be the victim of a well-schemed abduction, he left me to be with Vanessa alone. I remember hearing my heart pound in my eardrums as I sat in the chair across from Vanessa, which conveniently had a box of Kleenex on a small table next to it.

Vanessa tried getting me to relax, but my anxiety got the best of me. I sat nervously as she hit “record” on her MacBook and initiated the session.

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As soon as she began to speak, my mind, my soul, everything, felt like it was on a rollercoaster ride. My mind was boggled as she told me about the people in the room with us. Sounds creepy right? Well, it wasn’t. Despite my tears, I was completely comfortable with her and the guests she claimed were surrounding us. The majority of the time Vanessa wouldn’t lock eyes with me, but rather with someone that she said was behind me.

The thing that threw me off was that she didn’t bring up my mom immediately. I thought, no, I knew that my mom would be the first one to reach out to me; the fact that she mentioned multiple people before my mother upset me.

Did my mom not want to talk to me? Was this all a hoax?

It wasn’t until Vanessa discussed my grandmother, my mom’s mom, then my mother was finally brought into the conversation. Vanessa’s eyes stared straight into my soul, an army of chills formed down my arms, tears rested on the brims of my eyes. My blurred vision focused on Vanessa’s piercing eyes.

“Your mother isn’t here anymore, is she?” Vanessa asked me softly.

My composure was shattered. It was the conversation I had been waiting for and when it came I found myself shaking and hyperventilating. Needless to say, I used that box of tissues.

As she spoke, it was as though it was my mother sitting in front of me rather than Vanessa.

Every single thing she said sounded like my mother. It was my mother.

Though I was blown away by what occurred during the session, I found myself even more blown away after I left the session. As I exited Vanessa’s front door, I found myself both lost and found. My reaction following the session was a whole mix of emotions, but I will say I felt no regret. I did not feel I was cheated. I felt fulfilled. I had just had a conversation with my mother, something I never thought possible.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Sign me up with Theresa Caputo!

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  1. That was incredible to read. Brought a tear to my eye. Recently lost a few people very close to me and I have been going back and forth with the idea of going to a medium, but I think you have convinced me. Thank you very much and I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am sure she is very proud of you!

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