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Common dream meanings

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

You’re either naked or your teeth are falling out, and in a panic you wake up and say, “Phew, thank goodness that was just a dream!” Dreams come in many forms and all come with different explanations for each person. Dreams can be part of your subconscious telling you something or even a long term event or problem that has been eating away with you. Yet, they are fun and can become obsessive to read about and research. According to, “On average, you can dream anywhere from one to two hours every night. Moreover, you can have four to seven dreams in one night.”

Here are some common dreams that might have had already occurred for you or will in the future and the meaning behind those dreams.

Abduction: To dream of this usually signifies a lack of control on your own life, or even the possibility of feeling manipulated by certain people. This can come in many forms, but either way, in any part of the dream where you are unconsciously feeling a loss of control, it might help (when you are conscious again) to reevaluate certain parts in your life and look deep into what control you should gain back.

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Buddha: I don’t think I can say the Buddha was ever in my dreams. The Buddha preaches calmness, and the importance of finding one’s own spirit of self.. To dream about Buddha or have a figure represent Buddha in a dream can mean one thing: reflection. It might be time to reevaluate certain things in your life.

Naked: To dream about being naked in a crowded room or while walking down the street can have multiple meanings all depending on what is going on in your life. According to said, noticing you are naked in public can show you are vulnerable about something in your life. Or either you might be hiding something and you’re worried that other people around you can notice that it is in fact a lie. Naked dreams aren’t such a negative meaning either. For those who dream of being naked within a dream and don’t show embarrassment or worry, it could possibly mean endless freedoms you feel within your life. You’re a proud person and have nothing to conceal to anyone.

Falling: If at some point within your life you’re feeling a sense of failure or disappointment in yourself, it might be possible one night to have a dream where you are actually falling from a building, bridge or airplane. Falling in some dreams can be a sign of defeat or failure about some event that is happening within your life. In most cases, falling never seems to be attributed with positive dreaming. But I can beg to differ. I’ve had dreams in the past where I was jumping out of an airplane, but when I woke up I didn’t think this was a bad dream or symbolized anything negative. I just always wanted to jump out of an airplane; it always looked fun. According to dreammoods. com they cited the Freudian theory in relation to falling dreams. It said, “dreams of falling indicate that you are contemplating giving in to a sexual urge or impulse. You are lacking indiscretion.”

Kiss: It’s pretty obvious that if dreams consist of any type of physical intercourse you’re feeling a lack of that in your life. According to, dreaming of a kiss denotes affection, tranquility, harmony and contentment. But when you dream of kissing your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend that could possibly mean jealousy, or that you wish to be in a relationship with that person. But if you’re kissing a close friend it shows a sign of respect and love, along with the possibility that there might you might hold a romantic interest in him or her.

Each dream is interpreted differently for everyone; these are just the basics on getting started in decoding dreams. Of course these descriptions can be seen as common sense, but once you start paying attention to your dreams, you might end up having a better understanding of yourself.

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