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Ask Annie! Online dating

Dear Annie, 

The holiday season is approaching and this time of year, it always brings disappointment to me. I’ve had boyfriends in the past, yet they never seem to last past the holidays. All I want is to share it with someone special! So my question to you: online dating—is it weird? I’ve been thinking about subscribing to a site because I just can’t seem to find anyone worthwhile at bars, clubs or parties. 

Am I looking in the wrong places? I feel weird bringing it up to my friends; they all have someone in their lives and I don’t want to be made fun of or laughed at for online dating. But I think I’m going to try it. What do you say?


21st Century Love


Dear 21st Century Love,

Never, ever be ashamed to try out online dating, darlin’! Let me tell ya, my sister tried it out once, and ya know, it brought a positive relationship into her life. They dated for six months or so, had a good time, but it wasn’t an everlasting-love type of thing. This time of year, everyone wants to be with someone, so don’t feel bad and go for it. Tell your friends; don’t be ashamed. There is no harm in making a profile for yourself and seeing the results! 

Then you can decide if you actually want to meet the person when the moment comes. Just beware of some of the cautionary tales that come along with online dating. Also, don’t jump the gun so fast; if the guy is asking for scandalous pictures, hold the phone on that one and don’t do it! Make sure you meet ‘em first. But other than that, give it a whirl! 




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  1. I think Online dating can give you a very positive experience if you follow some simple rules…..
    1. have a really nice photo of yourself on your profile to show off your best smile
    2. write an honest profile about the things you like and don’t like,
    3. the world is your oyster, and there are lots of guys ‘out there’ also looking for their dreams to come true and fall in love,
    so I would say…give it a try!
    and good luck!

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