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Ask Annie! “My friend’s boyfriend called me”

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Dear Annie, 

Every now and then my boyfriend and I go out with my friend and her boyfriend. We typically go to the hookah bar for a few hours and it’s a lot of fun. One afternoon when I was at work, my friend’s boyfriend called me. I’m not even sure how he got my office number of where I work at the doctor’s office; I didn’t ask. I answered the phone and he said to me, “Hey, do you wanna meet up? I’m about to leave the gym and thought we could have some fun?” 

I was dumbfounded. I asked about Amy and he said, “Aw, no one has to know. I’m parked outside the gym; it’s right near your building right?” Still dumbfounded. I answered with, “Who do you think you are?” I told him that we are both with someone else and I would never do that to my good friend. But now, I’m stuck. Should I call Amy and tell her what happened? 


Confused friend 

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Dear Confused friend,

What is up with guys these days?! They can never be satisfied with the person they are with. Oh man honey. My number one rule: Honesty is the best policy. No matter how corny that sounds, if she really is one of your good friends darlin’, you should tell her about the incident and what exactly her boyfriend said as calmly as possible. She might not believe you at first, but keep trying to get it through to her that her boyfriend is not a good person. 

She’ll thank you in the end sweetie. She may be in denial about the whole situation and might not speak to you at first, but once she sees the truth for herself she’ll be grateful you told her in the end. 

I might even take the leap and tell your bf. But then there’s always the worry of an overreaction, then him spinning out of control and the next thing you know the other dude has a black eye! But anywho, be honest. That’s the way it’s gotta be. 

 Love, Annie.


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