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Eid, an opportunity to make a difference

Yousif Aziz – Staff Writer

On Wednesday Oct 22, 2012, Southern had a scholar, Abu Yousif, that took his time to come to the university to share his knowledge with the Muslim and non-Muslim students. Those who attended the event gained valuable information about general topics that relate to Hajj and life situations in general.

Yousif, the guest speaker, was an essential key element in this event in terms of providing the information needed to know about Hajj and the whole pilgrimage to Mecca. He was an outstanding figure and a great role model. He was an entertaining person and he created an atmosphere full of joy and laughter. The presentation was enlightening and articulate. It was an outstanding and productive day for the Muslim students, who gained valuable information that would benefit them in the future.   The Muslim nation celebration of Hajj and Eid has just passed few weeks ago. It was a real blessing to be with friends and family who thoughtfully and kindly considered coming together to celebrate and gather such an important event in the Muslim calendar.

Questions to all of the Muslim students and their families during this great holiday would be: Did you remember the poor during this holiday? Did you think of those in need and the unfortunate people that suffer internally and hide their pain whether it is a financial problem or social one? Eid is not about dressing up, eating all types of candy, going to the mall, shopping for new clothes and materials, throwing away your old stuff and buying unnecessary things that you don’t really need. Eid is about visiting relatives and friends, visiting the sick ones and the forgotten ones to make sure they are still in a good health. Eid is all about bringing everyone together; it is about helping those in need. Either for assistance, such as the elderly and to provide comfort for those who feel isolated and left out from this world. It is about making those who are financially unstable, happy. The idea of ensuring happiness in every single family and friends that will always bring positive memories and wonderful thoughts.

Eid is the time that we take a step back and thank God for what he has given us. The time that we care for the poor and those who never seem to ask for help. Eid isn’t about eating the meat and the variety of food. It’s about sharing the things we have with those who don’t have any. It is about what you can do to create equality in your community and society. It is unfortunate that as I write this, many would agree; but did you actually take to consideration what have been written so far? Ask yourself questions such as: was I a role model during this holiday? Did I celebrate just to celebrate or was there a great purpose and motive that drove me to change my thoughts of this great event and special festivity?

Few weeks have passed since we had Eid; however, it is not late to call up that someone you don’t like and become nice to them. It isn’t late to apologize for something that you think you have to apologize for. It certainly isn’t late to visit the ones we care about, friends, family, and other relatives. Texting or calling them is not enough. You need to show up and interact with them. Show them that you are taking the time to be with them. That will change their mindset and it will show them a different side of you. It may seem obvious to say these things, but did you actually perform it?

The feeling of feeding someone hungry, sheltering the homeless, helping the less fortunate, or putting a smile on somebody’s face is beyond tremendous. Changing the life of someone is wonderful. All of the good deeds eventually will count and to God they won’t be forgotten. Just remember that to God, one good deed is ten times equivalent and the bad deed is equivalent to one bad deed only. That is one of the greatest generosity God had given to his people.

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