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DIY crafts are perfect for the idle hands on campus. Try making these seasonal homemade bird feeders!

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Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

Happy November! Hopefully your power is on after Sandy’s tantrum, if not, here’s a cute, quick craft to do now that the lack of TV means impending boredom. Bubble wrap has always been an easy distraction and amusement for me, and in this craft, you’ll need a good amount so resist the desire to pop. These corny decorations can be great for your dorm, gifts for your friends, family and neighbors. Making them will hopefully snap you out of the Hurricane Sandy depression and get you ready for the upcoming holiday season!

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All you need is:

-Bubble wrap



-Raffia (looks like hay, sold at Joanne’s or Michael’s)




1) Cut three corncob shaped ovals out of bubble wrap, and cut or punch a small hole in the top of each.

2) Using your paintbrush, paint each corncob oval in yellows, reds, oranges and browns. Paint a couple bubbles of each oval in a contrasting color in order to highlight them as kernels.

3) Now that your corn is painted, let it dry until it won’t smudge.

4) Now cut about a foot and a half chunk of raffia and string it through the holes on the three bubble wrap corncobs. Tie neatly in a bow or loop   so you can hang them as decoration.

5) Lastly, glue the three corncobs in place as to prevent them from falling behind each other.

6) Once dry, hang up around your dorm room or house, or gift it to a friend or neighbor!

7) If you are in a dorm room, make one for each of your roommates and paint their initials or names on it!

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