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Team captain Beres killing it for Owls Volleyball

Robin Glynn General Assignments Reporter

For some athletes, there is more to just playing the game: there’s how they were influenced, what they achieved and how they are helping to influence others. These things are what make Sarah Beres who she is.

Beres, a junior, has been playing volleyball since high school, but what influenced her to play volleyball in the first place was her family.

“My aunt and cousins played and it looked like a fun game so I wanted to try,” said Beres. “I have been playing since my freshman year of high school. I played high school volleyball in Ellington, Conn., and I was a player for a club team out of Hartford for four years,” said Beres.

The club team that Beres played for was the Husky Volleyball Club, located in Marlborough. According to the Husky Volleyball Club website, they were founded in 1999 to provide opportunities for boys and girls to practice in central Connecticut.

Both the boys and girls teams travel throughout New England to compete against teams of their level.

Their philosophy is that the outcome of the game is not the most important objective. The most important thing is that the players try to win and try their best.

If they do their best, they will be successful, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Beres is taking her experience to help other young volleyball players. This November, Beres will begin her third year as a coach for the Husky Volleyball Club.

Beres said that to her, volleyball is not just a game.

“Playing is definitely more than just a sport,” said Beres. “I meet a lot of people while playing and I hope to keep playing throughout my whole life.”

She said she loves the game and this team, especially this year.

“I definitely like volleyball,” said Beres. “I traveled all over the country. The team this year is really good; probably the best team, I think volleyball wise, its been since my freshman year. We work well together.”

Jade Black, a junior, is Beres’ roommate and teammate. Black said that if the team is in trouble, they look to Beres to help them.

“She is a positive role model. She is an influential player,” said Black.

Black said that Beres loves the game, but Beres knows there is more to life.

“Volleyball is her passion, but she knows that is not the only thing going on,” said Black.

Kimberly Lachowicz, a senior and Beres’ teammate, said that she is dedicated to the team.

“She is disciplined and committed to the team and program,” said Lachowicz.

Lachowicz and Black said that she doesn’t take herself seriously.

“She is important just as every player on the team,” said Lachowicz, about Beres being captain.

Black, who is roommates with Beres,  described her as being laid back.

“She is laid back, not full of herself,” said Black. “She is generally a nice person both on and off the court.”

During her volleyball career, Beres was selected to All-State and was a three time All-Conference selection in high school. During her career at Southern, Beres’ achievements include First-Team All-Conference, First-Team All-Region and became captain this season.

Black said that something the people may not know about Beres is how funny she is.

“She is probably one of the funniest people I know,” said Black. “She doesn’t have a dry sense of humor.”

Beres said that the game has affected her but for the better.

“Playing has definitely made me more outgoing and confident in myself.”


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