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Music Review: Brandy, Two Eleven

Tamika AlexanderArts and Entertainment Editor


Two Eleven

After years away from the music scene, being involved in a controversial car accident, revealing the secret about her fake marriage, being on reality television, and trying to find herself musically, Brandy has finally released her latest album, “Two Eleven.” All that she has been through these past years has made for a great album. She has shown vocally and artistically that she has the skill to be a great musician. I was a huge fan of Brandy’s in her “Never Say Never” days and I will admit that after a few failed songs, I was beginning to lose faith. But after this album I am a believer.

1. Intro: This is a simple instrumental to start off the album.

2. “Wildest Dreams” – This song totally reminded me of the old school Brandy that I fell in love with.

3. “So Sick” – This is one of the most real songs I’ve ever heard. This song speaks to the female soul. The words are so true and show how Brandy can really relate to her audience through her music and experiences.

4. “Slower” – This is a sexy song. It’s probably one of my favorite songs on the album. I know Brandy on past songs and albums had a hard time being sexy and coming out of her element without overdoing it, but she found her perfect amount of sexiness with this song. Her raspy voice is just the right tone for a song like this.

5. “No Such Thing As Too Late” – Much like track three, I like this song because it speaks of experience. I’m a huge fan of music that tells a story or reflects a situation that someone has been through. This is Brandy’s niche: storytelling.

6. “Let Me Go” – If you ask me, this song has an island reggae vibe at some parts. It’s has a faster tempo than the previous songs on the album.

7. “Without You” – When I first listened to this song, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, and after listening to it, I’m still not sure how to feel. I don’t know if I like it or if I don’t. I’ll remain neutral on this one.

8. “Put It Down” feat. Chris Brown – I’ve heard a lot of negative opinions about this song but I actually love it. Being the first single off the album, the song does get a lot of radio play. I think Brandy made a great song choice with this one to merge back into the mainstream.

9. “Hardly Breathing” – Brandy continues with the story telling on this one. It makes one wonder if these songs were written in reference to her relationship with her daughter’s father or if she has a love interest that her fans don’t know about. Either way songs like this one make for good ones because of their relativity.

10. “Do You Know What You Have?” – I don’t like this song very much. I don’t think Brandy showed her vocal skills to the best of her ability. This song is one of the songs that cause her to have doubters.

11. “Scared of Beautiful” – This song is very metaphorical. The title initially caught my attention. After listening to it, I love the lyrics and the concept of self-love and beauty.

12. “Wish Your Love Away” – This is a song that I would like to see Brandy perform. I could listen to this one over and over. She went off with her vocal skills in this song. While her voice is unique, she showed that she does have range and variety in her voice.

13. “Paint This House” – Love, love, love this song. It’s another metaphorical composition. The song isn’t about painting a house literally, but Brandy suggests painting the house with the love that fuels her relationship.

14. “Can You Hear Me Now?” – This song makes me bop my head immediately. It has a cool beat. It’s another sexy song. I’m so happy she finally found a balance between sultry and sexy at the same time without seeming like she’s trying too hard to be an artist that she is not.

15. “Music” – This song has an old school beat like something from the 70s or 80s. It reminds me of a soulful, classic R&B song. While I’m not too fond of the song, I listen to it occasionally.

16. “What You Need” – The transitions between instrumentals in this song are different. The song goes from this slow tempo and speeds up just a little to a drum beat that makes me want to move. The drums almost remind me of tribal music.

17. Outro: This is just a continuing instrumental from the intro to end the album.

         4 out of 5 Owls


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