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Body language: the art of decoding movements

Savannah Mul  Opinion Editor –

It’s possible to convey a feeling with a blank look on your face followed with a wave of a hand. It’s possible to attract someone without even saying anything to his or her face. All this can be conveyed through body language. It’s overlooked at times but can be just as important as any other form of communication.

Body language is a form of nonverbal communication that occurs consciously and unconsciously by people.

You might be unaware of how much people use body language to communicate with others daily, because most of it we do unconsciously. But whenever body language is used during a specific conversation with someone, it can determine the quality of the communication.

If you’re facing the person directly or have your arms stretched out, that is a sign of open body language. If your arms are crossed and you’re half-facing them, this is an example of closed body language. I wonder which one will have a better conversation?

Since most of all body language is done unconsciously, being aware of the motions of your body and someone else’s during a conversation can be beneficial to pay attention to.

It’s the little gestures that would mean the most. A way to see if someone could be telling a lie: notice what they are doing with the motion of their head or where exactly are their eyes are going. Eye contact is body language, and if you’re ever in a position where someone is telling you they can’t be there or aren’t showing up, check to make sure if their eyes are focused on you. Aren’t the eyes the window into a person’s soul? The person therefore doesn’t want to let you in, scared that they will see through the lie.

Decoding body language isn’t difficult; you just have to know what and when to pay attention and the signals that are given off. lists some explanations about what a certain body movement can mean. If someone puts their palm to their chest—this might be a no brainer for some—but it would suggest sincerity to that particular person or an event that took place. Next, rubbing your nose can mean dislike to a particular person or issue. Ever wonder why girls or guys might use this “escape code” at a bar? That way they know their friend wants to be rescued—if you will—from the person they are talking to or the situation they are in.

Unconsciously, people will tend to look up to the right when asked a question or what their stance is on a particular issue. This doesn’t mean they’re avoiding the questions (unless they in fact are, but that usually suggests looking to the left) but rather, are thinking of a response back.

70% of communication is achieved nonverbally according to and if people were to pay more attention to communicating this way, communication skills can be stronger as well as relationships.

The next time you’re out for the night with your friends, pay attention to a person’s stance in relation to your position. Seeing a person for the first time, with his or her body facing you and their eyebrows arched, a smile on their face means one thing: they’re attracted to you.

Reading body language is important and being able to decode it is just as crucial. Pay attention and become savvy in body langauge.

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