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The Rocky Horror Show comes to Lyman Center

Melissa Giugno – Staff Writer

Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, two well-mannered young adults looking for some fun and a night out, end up at Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s mansion in search of help after they experience car troubles.  Frank ‘N’ Furter invites them in for a wicked night of maniacal experiments and seduction.

The rock musical’s music and script was written by Richard O’Brien and directed and choreographed by Larry Nye.

“This is my ninth show at Southern Connecticut State University,” shared Nye.  “They’ve all been my favorite for one reason or another.”

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On his feelings about Rocky Horror in particular, “I thought [opening night] went really well, I thought the audience really helped the actors find themselves. A few mistakes here, a few mistakes there that we can clean up, but we were ready for an audience and it was great to have them. It’s a really great show; come and have a blast. It’s quite entertaining”

Nye advises to pick your showing wisely, “Certain nights are for audience participation and certain nights [are not]. So if you want to come and participate make sure you pick one of those Saturday night shows. It’s going to be rowdy, lots of students, lots of shout backs.”

Nye also shared he will be doing the Amazing Parade next. “The kids are going to re-audition and we have several new freshmen which is great.”

Justin Zenchuck said becoming Frank ‘N’ Furter took a lot of preparation, “it was one of my first bigger parts and it was an awesome experience.”

He also expressed that before the show, Rocky Horror wasn’t his favorite movie but turned into something he loved. “I’ve only seen the movie. I thought it was crazy, but I love it now; it was so much fun.”

Jon Seward said while unfamiliar with the movie at first, he liked it from the beginning, “I really didn’t know much about Rocky Horror before this, I watched the movie and I thought it was going to be a great show. I was really going to go out for any part and I’m really glad that I got Brad.”

Seward is Brad Majors, one of the mild-mannered teens turned scandalous. “Being Brad, you get to start out as the ideal man and you’re wronged by your woman, then basically raped and seduced by the sonic transducer; and it’s a complete 180 for him and somehow at the end of the show it all comes back together.”

How did Seward prepare? He humorously said, “The first thing I did was learn to walk in high heels, and put fishnets on, because that is not an easy task. I have to say thank you to the people who are back stage for putting on the high heels, pulling up my fishnets and zipping up my corset.”

Seward and Ashley Dambowsky both said their favorite number was the floorshow. Dambowsky said, “[it was] great and fun, because everyone just gets to have fun and we don’t have to be uptight and we can just loose with Frank ‘N’ Furter.”

Dambowsky was playing the other clean-cut teen named Janet Weis. She felt great about her and her crew’s performance, “I know all of us feel great about [opening night] and I know I especially feel great about it. It was a good show, and a great audience. We’ve been [running the show] since Monday. It’s like we’re living it now, so we just do it and it works.”

Upcoming showings for the Rocky Horror Picture Show will be Oct. 17th through the 20th at 8pm and Oct. 20th and 21st at 2pm. Remember to look into which shows are audience participation shows and which are not, depending on your preference.

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