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Stay sharp, be smart drinking

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

Alcohol. Most of everyone drinks it and half of everyone who drinks it, loves it. Then of course there are the ones who love alcohol and say the next morning, “I am never drinking again.” But the weekend comes and they’re the ones pounding back the numerous amounts tequila shots.

So try this: before you go out next, have a cold glass of milk. An old wives tale said that drinking a cup of milk coats your stomach lining and therefore, doesn’t absorb the alcohol as fast. I’ve never tried this before, but for the milk fans out there, give it a whirl!

Either way, alcohol is in our lives and we have to be smart with it, especially when out and about for a night downtown. There are some important factors to consider when going out with the intention of drinking.

Be careful mixing drinks. Depending on the person and the amount that he or she can drink, it usually doesn’t result in a positive night.

Don’t drive. Leave the keys at your house and take only what you need. Yes, this seems like an over said statement, but many people still think they’re Superman and can drive no matter the circumstances. Most of this stuff is common knowledge that seems to be overlooked with each new night, but having a designated driver is crucial. Calling a taxi or shuttle service is worth the extra expense to get back home or to campus.

Traveling in packs, especially for women, is a good idea to consider. Maybe it’s just me but one night I went out with my guy friend to grab a few drinks and catch up. When the time came to use the bathroom, I found myself looking for my best friend (who couldn’t join us that evening due to her job). It was then I understood why girls always go to the bathroom together; for the company, and the chance to gossip of who’s the hottest guy at the bar and whether or not we should go up to them or not. Plus, there’s always safety in numbers.

Next, people make fun of me for carrying these plastic cards around but, even if you’re not driving always bring your driver’s license, health insurance card, and triple A (or whatever car service provider you might have) because bottom line is, you never know what the night will bring, especially in the Elm City.

Students have busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in all the meals that you should eat within the day, but eat something before you go out. You’ll be regretting it when your getting sick outside of the taxi or your friends car—which she’ll probably make you clean up the next day. Eat. Even if it’s a grabbing a three-dollar falafel sandwich at Mamoun’s before the night starts.

With food in your stomach and the designated driver all planned out beforehand, the night downtown is off to a good start. It’s good to always be aware of your surroundings no matter what city or bar you’re in. Make an agreement with your friends and take turns every weekend of who is the designated driver; so at least there is one person within your group is who more aware and sober than others. Again, safety in numbers. Keep that in mind when you’re walking up and down Crown Street for a safe, fun and successful night out downtown.

Then if you wake up feeling a little less than perfect the next morning, grab a cold, refreshing glass of orange juice or water, eat some pretzels, and then go back to sleep.

For those who party too hard some nights, cure that hangover with these helpful tips: 

– Go outside and breathe in some fresh air. The fresh oxygen will relieve stress and get your blood pumping faster. 

– The next morning when your stomach is aching and nausea takes control, sip on some ginger tea. It’ll fight the nausea and ease your stomach pain. Ginger is known to help stomach pains. 

– Though most of us are broke students and can only afford Dubra, try to stay classy and splurge for the Skyy vodka. The higher the quality of liqour the better your hangover will be the next day.

– With each alcoholic drink you have, match it with a glass of water, either throughout the night of drinking (which most of us forget to do) or the next morning and all during the day.

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