Today: Jun 18, 2024

Sports Commentary: The Jets should just say no to T.O.

Andrew Anastasio – Sports Writer

Things can’t possibly get any worse for the New York Jets this season. Riddled with injuries in the most crucial spots on their roster, the Jets find themselves without arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, Darelle Revis, who is out for the season after tearing his ACL week three against the Miami Dolphins. They’re also without star wide receiver, Santonio Holmes who suffered a foot injury that will also keep him sidelined the rest of the 2012 season.

Last but certainly not least, Dustin Keller, who led the Jets in receiving a season ago, is battling a hamstring injury that has prevented him from seeing any action thus far. With seemingly no hope in sight, the Jets have been relying on Chaz Schilens, Jeremy Kerley and Clyde Gates, who altogether share a combined nine years of NFL experience.

There’s no wonder why quarterback Mark Sanchez has consistently struggled the past four weeks. They’re relying on receivers who haven’t even seen significant amounts playing time. It’s proven in the Jets’ passing attack that is ranked 28th in the league, averaging just over 200 yards per game.

It’s not fair for the New York media to time after time slam Sanchez and demean him the reason for the incumbent offense. He’s certainly a major factor, but it should be expected amongst Jet fans that the lack of seniority at wide out, would only translate into a shaky offense, which it has.

Rex Ryan adamantly insists on keeping Sanchez the starter despite the fact that a seemingly more enthusiastic Tim Tebow is patiently waiting on the sideline for his time to shine in the Big Apple. The Jets signed Tebow in the offseason with hopes to perfect a dual-quarterback system that has yet to be displayed.

Tebow’s playing time has steadily decreased since week one. His perfectly thrown ball down the field to newly signed wide receiver Jason Hill Monday night against the Texans should serve as an eye opener for the Jets coaching staff. Regardless of the fact the ball fell incomplete, (no surprise there) it was delivered perfectly, and to display that kind of accuracy after only throwing one pass prior to the play, it’s apparent that Tebow’s throwing skills may have improved.

He certainly cannot play any worse than Sanchez has, and it’s perplexing as to why Ryan won’t give Tebow a chance to lead his offense.

If the Jets wait any longer, they might miss out on a playoff bid. Who knows? Maybe Tebow can spark some magic like he did in Denver a season ago.

Fixing the Jets will all start with a quarterback change and better play from the receiving core. Forget former wide receiver Terrell Owen’s plea via twitter for the Jets to sign him; it’ll only muster up more controversy in an already divided locker room. The Jets should look to develop their younger guys before signing the past-his-prime Owens.

There are plenty of capable free-agent options on the market, but for the time being, the quarterback situation must improve. After all, a wide receiver is nothing without a proven quarterback.

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