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Marley: A social and political prophet

Tamika Alexander – Arts amd Entertainment Editor

Southern has a culturally diverse student body. One culture that is seen throughout campus is the Jamaican culture. The culture itself is a very complex and unified one. The language, the customs, and the traditions are very distinct.

One significant individual of the Jamaican culture was Nesta Robert Marley, better known as Bob Marley.

The SCSU Multicultural Center along with the Office of Diversity and Equity and the West Indian Society sponsored the showing of the movie “Marley,” a film by Kevin MacDonald, about Bob Marley, his impact on society and his music.

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As someone who is not Jamaican and knew very little about the culture, I must say this film was informative and eye opening. I enjoyed the movie so much I watched it twice, once on campus and then again when I got home.

I will admit that before I watched the movie, I didn’t know much about Bob Marley but that he was a Jamaican artist. I had no clue of anything he had done, his background or of how he died.

Bob Marley was more than just an artist and a musician. He was considered a social and political prophet to those from his country.

While watching the movie I was amazed how someone who had no actual political title or position could have such an impact on a country and bring the people to peace.

Another thing that caught my attention was how humble an individual he was. To go through so much as person like growing up in poverty, being shot, and having a terminal illness, the movie showed how he did not complain and had so much faith because of his Rastafarian culture.

The Rastafarian culture itself intrigued me throughout the movie. The beliefs and customs that Rastafarians lived are what made them such a modest and humbling group.

I have friends who are Jamaican and because of this movie I have been inquiring about the culture more and trying to learn about the themes and concepts presented in the movie.

The movie really gave a clear depiction of Marley’s lifestyle. From being a father and a husband to being a musician, it told it all.

Marley was married, with many girlfriends. His wife, Rita Marley spoke of how she dealt with the relationship and how it didn’t bother her that he had affairs while married to her.

What also surprised me was that the movie wasn’t one-sided. The story was told from voices of many people such as Marley’s band mates, manager, children, wife, girlfriend, mother and the mother of his children.

I plan on doing more research regarding the Rastafarian culture as a whole. From the movie, I want to know more about their love for nature and everything about an individual’s appearance being natural and pure. Marley’s girlfriend, former Miss Universe, recollected on how she would have to take off her make-up before seeing him because he thought everything about women should be natural.

Ultimately, I think this movie is a must-see. Anyone that is interested in learning about the Jamaican culture or another culture in general should take the time out to watch this movie. If you’re anything like me and aren’t too knowledgable about the culture and its customs, traditions and beliefs I suggest you watch this movie. It’s entertaining and informative at the same time.

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