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Get cooking with this do-it-yourself treat

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

After such a spirit filled event like Homecoming, you may be craving more ways to display that Owl pride. Look no further, because here’s a do-it-yourself project that’s fun, owl-themed and edible!    These decorative owl cupcakes are super easy to make in your dorm’s community kitchen, and it might be that perfect treat needed to brighten you or a friend up during midterms.

 All you need is:

-Cupcake mix and ingredients



-Junior mints or blue M&Ms

-Yellow banana candies from Runts

-Blue food coloring (optional)

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The finished DIY treat of owl cupcakes. The perfect treat to make after homecoming weekend.

1) First bake your cupcakes! You can either use a cupcake pan with paper liners or a cookie sheet with aluminum liners.

2) While your cupcakes are cooling, prepare the frosting. Any frosting will work, but if you want to continue the SCSU theme, you can use a couple drops of blue food coloring to dye some vanilla frosting. Then your Southern Owl cupcakes will be sure to look authentic. (Be careful if dying. Two or three drops is sufficient; more will most likely dye the mouth and teeth of whoever eats it).

3) Now cover the cupcakes with an even layer of frosting. Make sure to get all of the edges.

4) To make the cupcake an owl, we must first split the Oreos. Each cupcake will need two frosting covered Oreo halves. You’ll have a lot of left over, not frosted sides, so grab some milk and enjoy!

5) Place the two Oreo halves next to each other on the upper half of the frosted cupcake. Leave a little cupcake edge showing above the Oreos.

6) Next use Junior Mints or blue M&Ms to give your owl pupils. Place the candies on the bottom rim of the frosted Oreo.

7) Now your owl cupcakes have eyes, but next they need a beak. Use the banana pieces from Runts candies to create this effect by placing them vertically beneath and midway between the Oreo halves.

8) Lastly add some extra frosting to the top to give your owl its pointed crests and plumage.

Once finished, you’ve created some edible owls and a tasty snack. Enjoy and share with Southern pride!

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