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Cast your local vote

Hannah Doody – Special to The Southern News

Obama. Romney. We recognize these names. What about Paul Passarelli or Wayne Winsley? Those are names of candidates from Connecticut running for U.S. Senate and U.S. Representative, respectively. 

While people use their  discontent with presidential candidates to justify not voting, they’re also choosing not to vote in the other non-presidential elections that are also occurring. If you continuously cite being let down by Obama or disgusted with Romney’s money as your reason not to vote, how do you justify not voting in state and town elections? Most voters are under-informed about their local politicians.

In Connecticut, we have clean or fair elections, as a result of campaign finance reform. Candidates receive money to campaign from the state. In order to qualify for campaign funds, candidates must receive a certain number of signatures and contributions of minor amounts. By achieving the qualifying amount of signatures, public donations, and agreeing to not accept private money, candidates are given a flat sum from the government.

Why are we lucky to have this in Connecticut? Private donors mean private interests. Public donors mean we, the public, are being represented. Our politicians listen when they don’t need to worry about raising money to fund their campaigns. When they need a designated number of signatures, they are out in local communities talking to people. They want to hear from you, the citizens of Connecticut–even more specifically the youth of Connecticut.

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Campaign finance reform also enables members of the general public to run for offices rather than having politicians who can just afford what it costs to run a campaign. 

Didn’t know Connecticut has fair elections? I encourage you: before you vote on to Election Day, learn more about the politicians representing the citizens of Connecticut.  Running for Senate is Chris Murphy (D), Linda McMahon (R) and Paul Passarelli (L). Running for U.S. Representative are Rosa DeLauro (D) and Wayne Winsley (R). Obama and Romney shouldn’t be the only names you recognize on the ballot. 

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