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Ask Annie! Fed-up Boyfriend

Dear Annie, 

I need space, but I don’t know what to do. My girlfriend has been driving me crazy the last few weeks and I’m completely lost. Lately, small things she has been doing have been driving me crazy, from criticizing my friends and our poker nights to just letting the world revolve around her. 

I can’t tell if I’m just staying in the relationship because it’s convenient. We’ve been together for about two years now but I don’t know how much longer I can take this. She is getting too possessive and crazy and I don’t know how to tell her I need space without coming off as an jerk. I can’t do this anymore.


Fed-up Boyfriend

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Dear Fed-up Boyfriend,

I’m sorry to hear all this handsome, a possessive girlfriend is definitely exhausting! Two years is a very long time and I understand that you’re at your wits end right about now, but you have to sit this girl down and explain as clearly as possible that this is it. Hopefully the talk of a potential break-up will be a light bulb in her brain and she won’t act like a crazy possessive girl anymore. That’s the hope at least. 

But first, calmly sit her down and say that you still care for her, but right now being in relationship is not in the cards. You have to tell her exactly how you feel. It’s not right to be stuck in a relationship for the sake of it being convenient. It’s not fair to either partner. 




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