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October fashion: Remove the UGGS

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

Break out the faux leather jackets, scarves and heeled booties, but whatever you wear keep the UGGS in the closet. There are many stylish boots out there, meaning there is no need to settle on UGGS, the Australian originated boot that’s usually covered in hide and fur. I don’t think people realize that the brand UGG makes many styles of boots and yet, the ones that are most popular are the ones that look as if an animal’s entire body of fur was plastered on a person’s foot.

The company doesn’t just carry these furlined boots, and I was surprised  when I saw this particular line.

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UGG created a new Empire State of Mind fall collection with leather, but they still included the same idea of fur. The chic city style is great, but take the fur off and replace the heeled boot clogs with actual booted heels, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

I’ve never fancied the UGG brand or  the UGGS that are worn with mini skirts or shorts style. I don’t even want to call that a style because it shouldn’t be one. No thank you. If you’re cold, wear some pants and warm your legs up rather than your feet—that’s why socks were invented.

On the subject of shoes, heeled booties or rather a pair of black or colored booties, is the topic of discussion for fall 2012, making them a must-have for your closet. Booties are receiving the most attention this fall because of their ability to work with any outfit, whether it be professional or for a night out downtown.

Also, who says summer wear has to end with the season; I most definitely belief otherwise. October is the month to take those cute summer dresses you’ve spent too much money on and layer them with a sweater on top. Wrap on a scarf, grab the booties and now you got yourself a brand new outfit. This goes with a pair of shorts too; pair them with stockings and add another fall outfit to your closet.

I don’t want to forget about the male population. This fall should mean the purchase of a new coat, and don’t be afraid of color. Red or navy blue pea coats are attractive and warm. Flannels are always a comfy option, and here’s another tip for males: don’t be scared to wear scarves. Dark navy blues and gray colored scarves finish a fall outfit off perfectly.

For both sexes, add a jean vest or jean jacket to the outfit with a neutral color palette, more denim is always an option-—just as long as you’re not rocking the all blue denim look, like Andy (Paul Rudd) from Wet Hot American Summer. Mix up the light and dark denim to create a modern, trendy look.

For the ladies who haven’t embraced lace yet, do it. The lace creates a perfect pattern for fall when mixed with heavy fabrics and dark colors; try it out and create a very elegant look.

There’s no need to go broke buying all new fall trends. Rummage through your closet, look at what you have and realize all the endless opportunities that you are capable of creating.

Then when you have a free Saturday, browse through consignment shops for new fall trends that fit you.

Some of my favorite clothes are from    consignment shops—you’d be surprised what you’ll find in them. Lose the UGGS and you might even find a new pair of booties from consignment shopping. Either way, happy fall and have good sense.

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