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End abuse. Be respectful.

Yousif Aziz – Special To The Southern News

In a society where most of us would consider that we are an educated community or a knowledgeable nation, we as men do not fully recognize that women are equal human beings, just the same as a men. Did you know that many of us men take full advantage of women in terms of treating them as they should be treated? It is a true statement. We feel that we are in control and that we have the final say in all types of conversations. We listen to their opinions sometimes, but we don’t really consider what is being said.

Many men treat women as if they are property. Men treat women as if they’re a toy that they can play with whenever they desire. They don’t take into consideration that women have feelings just as men do- especially in a sensitive topic such as sexuality.

Men are usually expecting women to be as open-minded as men are in terms of practicing sexual behaviors. Some men play games with different types of women to enjoy their desires and to express their sexuality. Few men would not care how the women look like or what their feelings are as long as they are female and therefore able to fulfill man’s sexual needs. You probably have heard it many times that when women are not ready, they literally do mean they are not ready. I don’t understand why the male ego has to force the female to do something that they don’t feel like doing. Regardless of what the situation is, we must respect women’s decisions.

I am not implying that I am devaluing the masculine importance in this society as being the man of the house for instance. In fact, I must say that we have extraordinary men that this nation should be proud of. Men such as those who serve in the air force and the soldiers who are fighting and protecting our nation are perfect models for all men in our society. Real men have real ethics. Those are the real men that know and respect women’s rights and freedom.

It is unfortunate to see that some men treat their women as property to use whenever they feel and put them away when they aren’t in need of them. Women are not sexual objects that are brought to life to fulfill man’s needs and desire. They are born to be just as equal as a man is. In addition, females are beautiful and soft human beings that should be protected and cared for as long as they are alive. It is man’s responsibility to look out for women and make sure they are secure from all types of danger and harm. After all, they are the one important factor in creating our generations.

Those who disagree and have other opinions regarding how women should be treated must look carefully to women’s issues and evaluate whether a man’s treatment is appropriate or not. There should be a mutual agreement on every point whether it is a serious issue or a mindless one to ensure equality and respect among men and women.


Facts about domestic violence within women from Clarks Prosecutor:

Many batterers learned violent behavior growing up in an abusive family.

One in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home. One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.

One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in the United States. (Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1991).

– Police report that between 40-60% of the calls they receive, especially on the night shift, are domestic violence disputes. (Carrillo, Roxann “Violence Against Women: An Obstacle to Development,” Human Development Report, 1990)

– 25-45% of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy.

-The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year: $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services.

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