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Ask Annie! Does He Love Me?


Dear Annie,


        My boyfriend broke up with me; my life is over! Well,      actually he didn’t break up with me, but I think he is going to. We had plans the other night and he was supposed to come over to my apartment but never made it. I’m so confused because I called his phone over 20 times that night, trying to find out where he was and when or if he would be arriving. No answer from him ALL NIGHT. The next morning, still no answer. So I called him again the next morning and he finally answered. I freaked out on him asking where he was and whatnot and he said work stuff came up and he left his phone in the office. Then told me to stop nagging on him and calling his phone and that he can do whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. I can’t deal with this. Please help!


        Sincerely, Does He Love Me?


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Dear Does He Love Me,

        Okay, wow honey, I would have ended it with him right at that moment. There was no need for him to talk to you like that. If you see this becoming a trend, you better leave him because the way he is talking to you is verbally abusive. He should answer you because you are his girlfriend. I understand where calling your man’s phone over 20 times a night can seem like your nagging—but if you had plans, he really should have taken the call. I wouldn’t trust it honey, especially if this is a new relationship. He could be sneaking around. Your life won’t be over; you’ll move on to the next guy and be much happier. Lose the baggage he brings.

        Sincerely, Annie.


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