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Making old new again

Savannah Mul  – Opinions Editor

Nostalgia comes in many forms, whether it be from reminiscing back to old friends and the memories made with them or thinking of decades ago when most of us weren’t even born and the simple times that were had.

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After an interview with Tom Barra and Bill Calabrese, members who formed a spin-off cover band “Almost Ancient” and are currently in a Chicago Tribute Band, they both made it clear that when they were growing up they wouldn’t want to be a teenager in any other decade.

“It was the best time to grow up in (the 60’s-70’s) for music and life was simpler,” Barra said. They both wouldn’t change it for anything.

Today within our generation, many young adults try to mimic the life then and try to bring back the “it” generation, creating their own nostalgia in what life could have been like for them.

It’s fun imagining what my life would be like growing up in the 70’s and early 80’s in New York City. Who knows, I could have been best friends with Patti Smith or enjoyed those late night bar visits with Bob Dylan at the Chelsea Hotel. Just thinking back creates a sense of nostalgia about what could have been if I was born in a different decade.

I’m not alone in this; anyone can think about a time and say to themselves, “Wow, if I was alive then.” Even if it would be hanging out in Paris in the 1920’s with Hemingway by your side, throwing back whiskey.

Each decade brings change, and growing up now, I can’t see why in the future anyone would want to come back to 2012. What does this decade have to offer? We have Apple taking over the technologic world with the introduction to tablets and automated books.

Music is taking an interesting route by adapting old styles and bringing them back. Nostalgia is a business and if an old culture can sell again, companies will rebirth it all. What was popular in the 90’s is back: it was once NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. Now it’s One Direction and Justin Bieber, the classic boy bands that every tween needs to obsess over. The Spice Girls even made their comeback at the Olympics.

But during my conversation with Barra and Calabrese, I saw the passion and nostalgic look in their eyes when they mentioned music and anything that had to do with Chicago. Never did they think then that 20 or 30 years later they would be on stage performing the songs they once and still love to listen to.

With age comes great memories, and who am I to talk; I’m only 22 years old and my memories might closely relate to some of yours. It’s important to savor the experiences now. Then perhaps, look back and instead of asking what are things you can do differently learn how to change. Unless you’re willing to change, people will still keep making the same mistakes. All the old will sell again.

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