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Hashtag: SCSU problems

Bianca Jackson – Special to Southern News

Twitter is one of the many social networks on the web. Southern has many twitter accounts for different things at the school such as, the Lyman Center, SCSU Student Life, SCSU Student Government and others.

Among the list is also the SCSU Problems page that talks about random issues that happen around the school. The account is an unofficial one not ran by the school, but instead by a student who remains anonymous.

“I think that people like to remain anonymous because they will be able to be as obnoxious as they want to be in their statements,” said Melissa Cedrac, a psychology mental health major.

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This account tweets common SCSU problems from a students perspective.

“I make sure I come to school earlier just so I can find parking,” she said. “If not I would be 20 minutes late to class.”

“I didn’t know about the SCSU Problems account before but I noticed a tweet on my timeline once,” said 22-year-old Ashley Okereke. “Some of the tweets are entertaining but most seem to be hurtful.”

“Any time someone is bashing someone else on a social networking site they always seem to be an anonymous person,” said Okereke. “It’s pretty common.”

“I think if the person behind the account did not remain anonymous they could encounter threats or worse,” said Taja Herring, freshman at SCSU. “I don’t think it’s just one person contributing to this account.”

When people do not want to be known it tends to bring curiosity out of others. Some wonder and guess about who could be behind the twitter account.

“I think it’s a female upperclassman,” said Herring,. “What guy would complain about another guy wearing pajama pants.”

Cedrac also said that it could be a female behind the account.

“I think it’s a female because women usually complain more than men about issues in general,” said Cedrac.

The amount of knowledge and experience, the anonymous tweeter is most likely to be an upperclassman, she said.

Some of the tweets posted on the SCSU Problems account are talking about what they see, but the person does not post pictures along with the tweets.

“If one of the tweets was about me and my picture was included I would be humiliated,” said  Herring, communications major.

Okereke felt the same about if she were to find a tweet that seemed to be directed at her.

“I’d probably feel self conscious about it all day and I think it would be really hurtful,” she said.

“If it’s something that is silly then I wouldn’t care but if it’s an inappropriate tweet I would be upset and request that it be removed,” said Cedrac.

SCSU Problems tweeted about how there is always a line at every office in the Wintergreen building. Followed by a tweet of, “and don’t even get me started on the Dunkin line.”

These tweets were something that Cedrac could agree with completely.

“I don’t deal with issues at the Bursars Office in person anymore. I handle all issues online or over the phone; it’s easier and quicker that way,” said Cedrac.

The long lines experiences in the administrative offices are way too much like the lines inside of the student center.

“I’ve learned to stop going to Dunkin Donuts during the busy hours because many mistakes happen with orders and I end up being late to class,” said Cedrac, “I pack my own lunch or stop at the Dunkin Donuts outside of the school before class.”

The SCSU Problems twitter account is continually growing attention and followers. The count of followers is currently over 900.

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