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Get creative with this do-it-yourself craft: Tangle-free headphones

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Copy Editor

We’ve all had issues with tangled headphone wires. Here’s a way to make them tangle-free and to add some extra color.

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The finished project of tangle-free headphones.

All you need is:

-The embroidery thread  from the button bracelet project

-Your headphones

1) Choose the color thread you would like. You can use color changing embroidery floss to get that multi-colored or tie-dye look.

2) Take one end of the headphone wires and tie the end of the floss tightly around it.

3) Start doing Chinese Staircase, a friendship bracelet knot, around the headphone wire. Instructions for how to do the knot can be found online. I found the videos on YouTube to be especially helpful.

4) Continue the Chinese Staircase knot until you have covered the entire wire of your headphones. When you’ve reached the end, tie a tight knot. It might be best to use a touch of super glue to secure the starting and final knots.

Now you’ve officially pimped out your headphones to the highest level of creativity, and the best part is the wires will no longer tangle! The Beats brand better watch out; this might be the next great thing in headphone swag.

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