Today: Jul 23, 2024

Find the right major to fit your lifestyle

Yousif Aziz – Special to The Southern News 

Many of us as students are not really sure of what we will do in the upcoming years. To be honest, the upcoming three to four years are not as long as you think. Time goes by fast and you won’t be able to catch your breath. So what are we really doing to actually help ourselves have a goal that we can reach?

Let’s ask ourselves this question: What do I want to do for the rest of my life after I graduate from school? If you think about what you want to do, you can make it an easy, achievable goal.

Here’s an example that could possibly help some of us: Let us take accounting as a career. Think of what accountants do for a living. Think of the environment that they live in. Start asking questions such as do I really want to be an accountant? Ask yourself, do I want to spend my life dealing with accounting problems and issues? Is this what I am good at? Would I work in school, as a teacher maybe or in a company? Will I be stuck in an office everyday? Apply these questions and more to all types of majors. Asking these questions and realizing what you really want to do has an impact on your future.

The message is not just for those who are undecided or don’t know what to do or what to major in. This message is for all students out there. Don’t be trapped in a major that would make you a lot of money but would make your life miserable. Why would you want to do something that makes more money while realizing it is not the best thing to do? Many would say, “Well that’s true but I want to have enough money for my family. I want to have a secure future.” I completely agree, but you certainly could find jobs that you enjoy doing and that make good money as well. This is a job that you know you will be doing for many years to come. Lay out your options. See what you are really interested in. Your career could be in music, art, or science; it could be in anything that invites you. After all, the final decision is yours.

The economy isn’t in its best shape ever; however, there are jobs out there for every one of you. There is always something that you can do. The question is are you willing to find out? Will you take effort to be the best you can be? Here are some helpful tips: ask around for your area of interest. Get familiar with what people in your field are doing. Don’t just have an idea of what you will do. Make things happen. Visit places related to your field of interest. Gather information, talk to people – friends and family. The best that you could do is become a volunteer in your field of study. This will teach you the skills that you need when it is time to apply for a job.

In conclusion, majoring in something that you really want to do will not be disappointing. I will leave you with these words and thoughts of Donald Trump, who said, “I found there are two types of people; those who take action and those who let opportunity pass them by. Which one are you?”

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