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Ask Annie! Worst gift giver

Dear Annie, 

My one year anniversary is coming up with my boyfriend in October, and I’m completely lost on what to get him! I’m not the best gift giver; even if the gift is for my friends I have trouble. For past exes, I was known for giving horrible, silly gifts from Spencers that required no thought, but this time I have to change. This guy might even be “the one.” What can I do for a gift that he would love before I run out of time?

Sincerely, Worst gift giver.

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Dear Worst gift giver,

First calm down honey, no need to stress over gifts—it’s easy! First, pick his brain a little. After dating for one year you at least have to know his interests and hobbies. For example, any concerts coming up in the next few months that would interest you and him? The Killers are coming in December to New England, and concert tickets are always a good gift idea. It gives you two something to look forward to! It’s the same thing with sporting events. If money is an issue, cook him a dinner and get him a movie he’s been raving about or a picture frame with a picture of the two of you in it. He’ll love the gesture and wake up to the picture every morning by his bed; what’s better than that? Hope this helps! 

Sincerely, Annie.


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