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WSIN Radio lends an earful to students

Robin Glynn – Staff Writer

If you’re a student who wished to have your own radio show, this year is your chance because WSIN Radio is looking for a student to participate.

“WSIN is one of the oldest university radio stations in the state,” said Christian Carrion, WSIN General Manager. “We are on 1590-AM and we also broadcast on and that is where we get most of our listeners.”

Robin Glynn | Staff Writer
WSIN broadcasts music, sports, and news media.

Ryan Ianni, WSIN’s news director, said that the station is fun and laid-back.

When it comes to producing broadcasters, Carrion said that WSIN has produced more broadcasting professionals than any other radio station in the state.

“We have people working for ESPN and other radio stations,” said Carrion. Carrion has an internship with KC101.

According to WSIN, there are problems with broadcasting the station. The first is telling the university that the station exists.

Dom Pascariello, WSIN news director, said a huge population of the university does not know about the station.

“A huge population at Southern doesn’t even know the station exists, and that’s truly a shame,” said Pascariello. “Here at Southern, students like me and you have the opportunity to create our own radio show and do something really unique. We have an awesome facility and great people that are involved in our station, and according to our advisor, we have produced more professionals in radio than any other college station in the state. Anyone interested in music or broadcasting should not think twice about joining the station.”

Another problem for WSIN is finding students who would like to take part and have their own show. Carrion said that WSIN is still looking for students to participate in shows on the radio station, and any student who would like to do a radio show can sign up. Carrion said in order for students to gain access  to the station, students must make a mix-tape of about 10 songs, and they must be as clean as possible.

“The main problem is finding people to contribute and write,” said Ianni. “I am sending out feelers to people who want to read and write, even if they are not interested in broadcast or news journalism, just wanting to do their own talk show.”

Ianni said that he wants to WSIN to have more of a presence, that he said has been lacking, by adding more updates. WSIN is excited up about this upcoming year and the shows that they will produce.

“I’m very excited about some of the shows this year,” said Pascariello. “As well as music shows, we have talk shows, sports shows, news shows, local music shows, and more! There is a lot of new talent coming to the station this year.”

“We are trying to get a get a slew of eclectic programs,” said Ianni. “We are trying bring the station into ‘90’s two-hour music block, or two-hours of talk at night or in the early morning. We are trying create a cohesive, tradition radio block where you can expect a certain type of program at a certain time.”

WSIN will be taking part in the upcoming event Sinfest, in which local acts will participate in a show in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom.

“Sinfest is our annual concert we hold with acts from around the CT area,” said Pascariello. “In the past we’ve had some really great artists play including Jacobi Wichita, Chalk talk, and Political Animals. We do this every year as a way to raise awareness of our station, as well as create some exposure for awesome local acts.”


  1. This radio station is fantastic. It’s not a depressing web of problems and loneliness as this article seems to illustrate it as.

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