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Trey Songz Chapter V Review

Tamika AlexanderArts and Entertainment Editor

Trey Songz Chapter V

Virginia native Trey Songz has released his latest album entitled Chapter V. As usual he has come to please his lady fans but if a guy wants to bring some romance or spice to a relationship, this is the perfect compilation of songs. This album continues with the laid back, love making vibes similar to his past albums but adds in some of his rap skills that his fans may have heard on some of his mixtapes. I must say this album calls for parental advisory and is not suitable for all ears. The album is a typical Trey album with an exception of a few songs, but he does what works for him and there’s nothing wrong with that.

1. “Chapter V” – A short interlude to prepare listeners for what to expect but none the less it speaks volumes.

2. “Dive In”– A metaphorical song comparing aquatics to sex and I have to say that this song is one of my favorites. The lyrics show a sexual arrogance about Trey that his fans have seen before.

3. “Panty Wetter”– The title says it all. This song has somewhat of a faster beat than the other songs but still caters to the ladies.

4. “Heart Attack”– The first single off the album caught the ears of world. It set the bar of expectations for Trey Songz. This is the type of the song people can relate to. It tells the story of emotions and feelings that one may experience during a relationship comparing it to a heart attack. Also, the video featuring Kelly Rowland made the song that much more relatable.

5. “Playin’ Hard”– Trey songz shows us a little of his lyrical side with this one. He raps in the beginning of the song which gives the song a hip-hop feel but balances with the telling of a troubled relationship and moving on. It reminds me of some of his work from his “LemmeHoldDatBeat 2” mixtape which showed the “rapper” Trey Songz.

6. “2 Reasons” feat. T.I.– Trey is known for his club banger like “Say Aah.” People still go crazy when it comes on. Well he’s given us another one featuring down south rapper T.I. This song can instantly make anyone want to go out with its up-tempo beat and catchy hook.

7. “Hail Mary” feat. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy– This song at first listen caught me by surprise. Jeezy being such a hardcore rapper on an album like this may make one skeptical about the quality of the song because some collaboration doesn’t always mix but this one works. Again, with his singing and rap skills along with Jeezy and Lil’ Wayne on the record the balance between hip-hop and R&B is perfect. Lil’ Wayne’s clever punch-lines always makes for a good feature too.

8. “Don’t be Scared” feat. Rick Ross– When I first heard this song, I wasn’t too into it. It’s probably my least favorite song on the album. I don’t have anything good to say about it.

9. “Pretty Girl’s Lie”– This is another song that caught me by surprise. I think it’s because he was actually telling a story in this song. It wasn’t about sex or love or clubbing. It explained a real life scenario that many women may have experienced throughout life.

10. “Bad Decisions”– Trey brings it back to relationship in this song. He sings about relationships and the decisions that can make or break the connection between two people.

11. “Forever Yours”– What we’ve seen before from Trey, another song about love making. This song is very similar to the few songs at the beginning of the album.

12. “Inside Interlewd”- This is just an introduction into the next song. There isn’t much to say about.

13. “Fumble”– Any woman that has been hurt, or heart broken by a man may enjoy this song. Trey sings about admitting to “fumbling” a female’s heart and that he was wrong. I like this song because its relatable from the male and female perspective. I could have gone without the weird auto-tuned voice that chimes every few seconds.

14. “Without a Woman”– What would life be without women? Trey tells us in this song. There’s an unnamed woman singing along on the hook of this song. It makes for a nice simplistic collaboration. The duet creates the intimacy between a man and woman that Trey sings about.

15. “Interlude4U”– Here is another introduction into the next song.

16. “Simply Amazing”– As this song started the instrumentals caught my attention immediately. I could picture this song being performed by a rock band, a pop singer, or a boy band maybe but not Trey Songz. The different approach worked well for him though. The emphasis on the bass throughout the song shows how he has developed his sound and how he’s trying new things.

17. “Never Again”– Again, this song is somewhat of a different sound for Trey. I wouldn’t have expected to hear this on any album of his but again it worked for him. Like the last song, this is something I would hear from people of different genres but I would like to hear more songs like this from him.

18. “Check Me Out” feat.  Meek Mill and Diddy– Diddy is another person that you can put on your song and you’re guaranteed a hit. Trey ends the album with a fast pace up tempo song that could possibly be another club hit. Meek Mill added some lyrical fire to the song also. Trey went out with a bang with this one; one of my favorite songs of the album.

Overall: 3 of of 5 Owls 


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