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Opinion Editor’s note: Occupy Wall Street

A year has passed, and Sept. 17, 2012 marked the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York’s financial district. That morning, police arrested less than a dozen protestors who planned to surround the New York Stock Exchange building in remembrance of the start of it all. The protestors who were arrested were those who refused to move away from the NYSE building.

Despite all the protests going on in various cities such as New Haven, still nothing has been achieved.

The protests that occured in New Haven were fairly peaceful, but that can’t be said for the protests that happened in Portland, Ore., as protestors were pepper sprayed and hurt by police.

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Maybe this fall 2012 will be different and bring on another attempt of Occupy Wall Street. If that were to happen, more organization is needed in all cities.

I always found myself getting upset over the Occupy New Haven movement; whenever I would go into downtown, there was nothing going on. Only once did I saw an actual protest; those there were screaming out what exactly they wanted.

Of course, the police were walking around the green if anything got out of control. But, here’s the thing, I’m in New Haven every day.

I’m downtown four or five days out of the week and to personally stumble onto ONE protest in the New Haven movement made me wonder why they were even there.

Initially when the Occupy movement started it was inspiring. I thought, wow people are coming together and something is going to change this year. I was beginning to think we’d have a strong revolution up- rise like those in the 1960s.

But I was wrong, and when cities and police departments forced the movements to end and the protestors to go home, I was on their side. Nothing was changing and it was becoming the same old rhythm. The politicians and large capital business were walking by and ignoring them

Maybe the resurrection of the anniversary protest ignited hope in some to bring the movements back. Seeing the report on the news this morning, I felt hopeful and curious for involvement.

Perhaps this time they’ll be stronger, more thoughtful and fight harder for the people.

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