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NAACP teams up with SCSU to host the Harmony Classic

Ryan Flynn – Sports Editor

With the backdrop of a football game pitting teams from both the north and south, Saturday’s Harmony Classic served as a chance to bring a diverse group of people together and inspire peace.

The St. Augustine’s band performed outside of Moore Field House following the Harmony Classic game at Jess Dow Field.

This is according to Gwendolyn Williams, a member of the Daughters of Isis, one of many civic and black historic organizations that came out in support of the cause.

“Our main goal is to the service the community by trying to help fulfill the basic needs: so food, shelter, clothing, whatever we can do to assist any organization,” Williams said. “So, when we received the invitation from the NAACP we jumped on.”

The various organizations lined the area outside of the main gates in tailgate fashion, offering food and activities to fans who came to the game.

Included in this was a bicycle raffle and a tailgating contest, among other things.

“In the south, having a tailgate is a way of fellowship,” Williams said. “So, what we’re trying to do is create a fellowship. Just trying to bring an event that shows peace in the area.”

Those in attendance were urged to register to vote. Volunteers on site handed out the paperwork to do so.

“I think it’s great when you can actually get rival schools from the South and the North to compete, play together,” Faith Jackson, secretary for the Connecticut chapter of the NAACP said. “It brings diversity to the university and allows the university to actually compete with diverse teams across the nation as opposed to just in the state of Connecticut. So, I think that it’s a great opportunity for both the south and the north to come together and play.”

The Southern Owls matched up against the St. Augustine’s Falcons, who travelled from their campus in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The school band, which was in attendance for the game, performed just outside of Moore Field House following the game to a large crowd of fans leaving the game.

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