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Ask Annie! Confused Boyfriend

Dear Annie,

 My girlfriend as of recently is starting to smell down there. I thought it might be the time of the month thing but its been happening for about three months and it’s constant. I can smell it through her pants. What do I do to let her know  (if she can’t smell it there’s a serious problem) so she can fix it. It’s gross for me and other people close to her who probably have to smell it too.


Confused Boyfriend.



Dear Confused Boyfriend, 

That’s a tough one honey. Let me just say that maybe you should ask her if she’s been to the gynecologist lately. There could be a possibility that it might be an infection that she should get checked out immediately. I’d start with that, especially if she complains that she’s sore after engaging in sexual intercourse. The gynecologist might be the best option here. 

Another old wives tale is to have the female drink a cup of hot water mixed with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar blended with some honey. The vinegar works wonders and is known to balance pH levels within a woman’s vagina, making the odor less prominent and her healthier. It’s not the greatest tea in the world, but it might do the trick. Good luck!




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