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September Fashion Train: The Male Issue


Savannah MulOpinions Editor

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to have a closet full of Prada, Chanel or Marc Jacobs. But thankfully having a good fashion sense doesn’t mean you have to go broke. We can wish for a luxurious life but unless you hit big on the lottery, you can keep dreaming.

Mixing and matching patterns and having a keen eye aren’t just in a woman’s world. The male population can obsess over fashion just as easily as any woman can. Don’t they want to make a good impression on us after all?

I’ve heard guys talk of fashion many times but instead of using the terms “that’s so pretty!” Or,  “That color is perfect for you!” They sum it up in one simple word: swag. Urban dictionary defines the word to mean “one’s own unique style or personality that sets them apart from anyone else.”

This past summer the style that I noticed the most was a colored tee accented with the same colored shoelaces and worn with a pair of shorts. It’s a nice subtle style match that is becoming more widespread within the male population; and for once, I don’t hate it. As compared to the style that never works: a pair of light gray sweatpants worn with a white tee shirt. Please don’t look like you’re rolling out of bed; it’s not a handsome look.

You don’t have to morph into one of the models out of Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2012 line, which is a more neutral color palette with dark browns and heavy maroons, making you look as if you just stepped off the set of Gossip Girl. Or if that’s not your thing take some style tips from the heavenly Ryan Gosling–it’ll help.

Most guys don’t even know their true sizes. Whether they do it on purpose and buy two sizes too big, it’s better to buy what fits. Some guys might even be surprised in the type of responses they get. The next time you’re about to get dressed in the morning think about these simple codes:

  • Are my pants hanging down so low the whole world can see my marijuana printed boxers? If so, pull them up. It is not a mature look.
  • If you’re wearing an old baggy pair of sweatpants or baggy shirt, throw it out! Then, invest in a pair of fitted jeans and a fitted tee. Show off the body you’re always working out at the gym.
  • There is no need to pull up your socks all the way up your leg when you’re wearing shorts. I’ve never understood this look. If you’re not over 50 years old, don’t pull your socks up over that white pair of adidas.
  • Invest in a sturdy and handsome looking pair of shoes. Show girls you’re men of taste and keep them looking clean. Put them on when you have somewhere important to go to. Have trust that they will look much better than your old worn out pair of sneakers.
  • Wear black more. It’s flattering.
  • Save the mesh shorts for the gym.
  • Again, my last crucial point: buy what fits and know your right size!

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  1. As a straight male who is concerned about his looks and interested in fashion, this is spot on. Although I wouldnt select black as a regular option. It only looks good on some and it’s not a very good day time color. Otherwise this is great, especially investing in a pair of shoes that aren’t made by any sneaker company. Check out Florsheim, Johnston & Murphy, Sperry, etc.

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