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Senior’s spiritual inspiration drives passion for music

Josh Falcone – Staff Writer

The power of music resonates with every person on this planet. No matter the style of music someone enjoys, it has the power to move us, enlighten us, calm us, enrage us, and even engage us. For some though, it is overly important. They not only take it all in but after absorbing it, they return the gift of music with their own fingerprints on it. One such person is Delroy Clarke.

Music has always been of the utmost importance throughout Clarke’s life.

Clarke performs in local churches and congregations in the tri-state.

The Southern Connecticut State University senior music major has many musical gifts and talents. He’s been playing the bass for the past three years, he also dabbles in piano, and in the past few months he has begun to play the guitar. He’s been singing for quite a bit longer.

“I’ve been singing all my life,” Clarke said.

Clarke’s musical influences vary but some include John Mayer, Fred Hammond, and Israel Houghton. Hammond and Houghton are both world renowned contemporary Christian musicians and producers who have been performing and enlightening for decades. Houghton also is the National Director of Music and Worship for Champions of Christ, a ministry. This seems to have had a clear impact on Clarke’s choice of major.

Clarke’s choice to major in music is strongly tied to what he does in his personal time. When discussing music, his passion for it cannot help but flash across his face and in his voice.

“To me, the major in music is a little more personal,” he said. “Because what I do with a lot of my personal time is, I have a band, and we go out and sing at different churches.”

By majoring in music at Southern Connecticut State University, Clarke believes this will give him the opportunity to gain various knowledge to pursue a career in many musical fields, whether it is behind the scenes in the music industry, musical education, performance, or all three. When talking about it, it seems Clarke is vying for all three.

Clarke wants to learn all the technicalities of what he’s doing with the music and further it. He would like to be able to take that knowledge and communicate it with other musicians and people in the music world. To have this effect on others is a very special thing to him.

“Again, it’s more personal for me,” he said. “To have that background, and have that degree, so if I do go out and become a musical director, I know what it is I’m talking about.”

Clarke believes that rather than just having the ear for music, by getting a degree in music he would also have the qualifications to back it up. He considers that this will be instrumental in a successful music career.

Clarke regularly performs in the New Haven area at various churches. His performances are not only regulated to this area though. Clarke also regularly performs at various congregations throughout Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, spreading his inspirational message and music across the Tri-State region.

Clarke has a  strong belief in himself and a passionate drive to use what he’s learning here at Southern Connecticut State University. There is no doubt that music will continue to be of unbelievable importance to him long after he graduates from Southern.

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