Today: Jun 18, 2024

Ask Annie! Sexually frustrated

Dear Annie,

My boyfriend has been complaining to me about how he wants me to be more vocal in bed. I’m a very timid person and don’t really feel the need to be as vocal as he wants me to be. I enjoy the sex but don’t understand why screaming and yelling during the act would make it that much better for him. We’ve only been together for six months and I’m deciding if the relationship is even worth the dumb arguments we get into over this dumb issue. Then on another random note, are there any tricks that make semen taste any better? Oral sex is another “need” he wants fulfilled and I just can’t seem to get past it and swallow my pride!


Sexually frustrated


Dear Sexually frustrated,

            If you’re already experiencing turbulence only six months into your relationship, especially dealing with a sex issue – dump him. Someone who really loves and cares for you won’t care about the small issues of loud you are in bed. If more little arguments erupt out of this, the annoyance is not worth it. Who knows, what the next issue will be then. And to answer your other question, eat more pineapple.



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